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How to Improve Quality Assurance for Your Business

How to Improve Quality Assurance for Your Business

No matter what industry you operate within, your company’s reputation is key to its success. When consumers have a good experience, they not only return to you for their future needs, but they also refer you to their friends. Likewise, when consumers have a bad experience, they will not only stop using your services, but will also encourage their friends to do the same.

In the age of the internet, consumers can share an experience both good and bad with a wide audience and this can have a huge impact on your business’ reputation and revenue. Quality assurance across your entire company is therefore of the utmost importance.

So how do you improve quality assurance across your business?

Customer Feedback

When it comes to your reputation, your customers’ experience, satisfaction and well being should be at the top of your list of priorities.

Make sure you regularly check in with your customers to ensure that they are happy and satisfied with your services. This can be done by asking customers to complete feedback surveys online and on the phone, by conducting feedback sessions and focus groups and thoroughly investigating any complaints or negative feedback.

You can also keep an eye on customer satisfaction by monitoring less direct forms of feedback. Keep an eye on popular consumer forums, set up Google alerts for any mention of your business online and keep a close eye on your social media channels for any customer feedback or comments.

As the saying goes “the customer is always right”. So, however, well you think you’re doing, your customers’ opinions may completely contradict your own. Keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the ground for any customer feedback as this will help you ensure the best possible quality of service and secure a solid reputation amongst consumers.

Staff Training

You could have the best work ethic in the world but if your staff don’t have the attitude and skills to match, the quality of your products and services will fall short.

Make sure your staff are properly trained and follow best practice at all times. From health and safety to good customer service, your staff represent your business so make sure they leave a positive impression.

Staff Feedback

Happy staff are more motivated and generally provide better customer service. Make sure you listen to your staff and that they are treated fairly and with respect. Listen to their feedback about operations as they may have great ideas that could improve your productivity and services. Your staff are an invaluable asset to your business. They know your business almost as well as you do so listen to their opinions.

Monitor Customer Service Channels

All points of communication with your consumers should be regularly monitored. From phone calls and e-mail communication to responses to comments on social media, your tone should be polite, helpful, respectful and informative

Regular Audits

Audits should be conducted across all aspects of your business on a regular basis. From checking the quality of your product to the speed of response to customer queries, every part of your operations should be regularly monitored. This should include spot-checks as well as scheduled audits.

Scheduled audits will ensure that your staff are following best practices as they know they will be audited whilst spontaneous spot-checks will ensure that any weak links are identified and subsequently resolved.

Up-Skill Management

To ensure the highest possible quality across all your operations, you and your management staff should be informed and educated about quality auditing. Whether you acquire a Diploma of Quality Auditing or enlist a consultant to observe your operations and provide feedback, you and your management team should know exactly what the best practices should be for your business and how you can monitor and maintain them.

Be Objective

It’s very tempting to look at things from a personal point of view and assume that everything is just fine. But when it comes to quality assurance, you should be as objective as possible. Look at things from a customer’s perspective and try not to let your personal circumstances and knowledge cloud your judgment. Consumers don’t care about why your standards have started slipping; they just want to know that they are receiving the best possible service.

In Summary

Quality assurance doesn’t have to be rocket science. All you need to do is ensure you and your staff delivers the best possible service to your customers. Make sure you regularly audit and monitor your operations. Communicate with your staff as well as your customers and provide plenty of feedback opportunities. Proactively seeking out feedback from both customers and staff is also a fantastic way of not only ensuring the highest possible standards across your operations, but also minimizes risk of any issues arising.

Assuring quality of products and services will cement your reputation among consumers and will in turn help your business to grow.

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by Craig Evans // Craig Evans is a finance fanatic and tech junkie based in Sydney, Australia. He likes to impart his knowledge and share insights on the latest business industry news, marketing, and leadership tips.

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