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There are Some Things New Technology Can’t Replace

There are Some Things New Technology Can’t Replace

In today’s new digital world, new technology being introduced is replacing our existing tools and changing the way we conduct business. In many ways, this is a good thing, since we no longer have to use as much paper as we previously did, keeping many trees from being cut down. However, all the technical stuff does bring an increase in our power usage.

In addition, we no longer have to keep numerous file boxes stored away that contain hundreds of documents we had to file manually, since we can now keep all our documents stored in databases, either on our computer or online in what is called a virtual drive.

However, companies— both small and large — utilized many tools in the past that are still required today to run a successful business, such as stampers. Even though we have seen a large reduction in paper usage, stampers are not obsolete. As long as businesses continue to use paper, they will also have the need for stampers to mark things as paid, confidential, pending, and other. There will be many who still want a hard-copy of a receipt or invoice in their hand.

Moreover, many companies still use the mail system to send documents, despite the fact that we now have email to use for messaging. Therefore, small businesses need address stamps for envelopes and boxes, as well as postage stampers for their mailings.

Even though new technology is being introduced all the time, things are getting more and more complicated and confusing. When we first started to use email to send messages it was great and so convenient, but now it is starting to become so complex that soon we will have to take a special course just to send an email message. Not only are they coming out with new things, but the things that we have and use already, are being updated before we could even figure out how to use them.

This is why we need to continue using tools that we can depend on and know how to use. At least we know that stampers and the pads don’t have to come with instructions or directions on how to assemble them.

Another thing that is changing with the times is our telephone systems. Soon, the days of speaking to a live person on the phone will be gone and replaced with new ticketing systems. These programs are used to answer the phones for businesses, take messages, notify personnel, and place calls not on a first come, first served basis, but calls will be organized in the order of importance. Whichever the computer feels is more important will be placed ahead of the others.

It is amazing to see some of the technology soon to be introduced for public use, such as 3D printers that not only print on paper, but actually make copies of solid objects. Genetic fortune tellers will be dispersed in the near future that will use a person’s genomic data to be able to predict their character traits; how smart they will be, how they will act, and more. And, if smart appliances weren’t enough, there will soon be smart cities. It’s just amazing what they are coming out with.

I have to say that when I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up, not because I wanted to be an adult and no one can tell me what to do, but because I really thought that by the time I was all grown up, people would be capable of flying. Yet here I am, all grown up, and still footing it with no wings to fly.

Although all this new technology is all quite fascinating, we all know what goes hand in hand with new technology—complexity. This is great for many people, but some would like to prevent the headaches and stick with our old-school tools like stampers and pens.

One thing is for sure, things like stampers, paper, envelopes, pencils, and pens will always be around. No matter how technical the world gets, there will always be things to write on or put a stamp on.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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