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Design a Conference Room That Boosts Creativity and Productivity

Design a Conference Room That Boosts Creativity and Productivity

In today’s hectic world, we are constantly distracted and unable to focus. This can reflect badly on our jobs, which can have detrimental consequences. That is why it is important to create an environment that can boost our productivity and creativity. Here are some ways to do it.

Define Your Needs

Seeing that not all companies have the same objectives, the meeting rooms are bound to depend on their requirements. This can make designing more difficult. In order to be able to implement a conference room that meets all your needs, you first need to define them. If your premises are big enough, you can even have several meeting rooms that fulfill different roles. Just don’t forget to properly equip them so that they can provide you with the best results while using them.

Purpose Is Key

In case your company requires a traditional boardroom that needs to be able to host a big number of people at once, that is, of course, something you should focus on. However, if your meeting room is mostly used for employee meetings and brainstorming sessions, you need to make it comfortable. Cozy, ergonomic office chairs are crucial. Moreover, get a round table to boost creativity because it will be easier for people to talk to each other. On the other hand, these rooms can also be more casual. You can go for a sofa, some comfy armchairs, floor cushions, beanbags, a coffee table – whatever improves your creative process.

Lack of Space

In case you have a large open-plan office with just one meeting room that is being used, you can always implement sound-absorbing Screenflex dividers that will create a secluded space in a matter of seconds. That way, you can have a private meeting without any distractions. Another thing that might be worth considering is ‘meeting pods’. They provide you with a quiet and semi-private area.

Easier Brainstorming Sessions

In addition to comfy seating and round tables, you might want to think about implementing dry erase surfaces that can be installed as tables or walls. This lets people write down their ideas so that they can be discussed later on. There are many options you can go for, from chalkboards and glass walls, to whiteboards that are able to save your writing sessions.

Make Technology Easy to Use

It’s vital that you choose technology that can be quickly and easily used by your employees. Make sure that there are no problems with connecting to smartphones and laptops. You can implement wireless options of connecting, to avoid people tripping on numerous wires. This allows for a smooth experience that improves the efficiency of the meeting. Additionally, ensure that the employees are trained properly when it comes to the technology that the company uses.

Introduce a Booking System

In order to improve your efficiency, you should know when a room is occupied. You can implement a digital booking system so that people can see when the next free slot is, and schedule meetings more easily. Additionally, if you have several conference rooms, this can ensure that people book the one that meets the needs of a specific meeting.

Lighting Is Crucial

For some reason, people keep neglecting the fact that natural light improves productivity. That is why you need to position your meeting room so that it gets plenty of it. Installing huge windows and removing fluorescent lights is vital. However, don’t forget about curtains or blinds in order to avoid a glare on the screens.

Colors Matter

Color psychology can have a great effect on our productivity. Calm colors such as blues and greens are known to promote focus, relaxation and productivity. Bright yellows are great for optimism, creativity and innovation. Colors mostly found in nature can improve our overall well being.

Implement Nature

While talking about nature, it’s important that you welcome it into your workplace. Natural light is a great start, but think about adding some plants, maybe even a living wall. A study has shown that people working in spaces with plants are 15% more productive. If you have that option, you can even implement an outdoor meeting room, perhaps on your balcony or the roof. If this doesn’t work for you, even just adding pictures of nature can have a calming effect on people.

These are just some of the ways to improve the productivity of your business meetings. Talk to your employees and see if they have any other ideas as well. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and the creativity is bound to flow.

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by Leila Dorari // Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur, freelance writer, and business-improvement enthusiast from Sydney. Currently, she is consulting companies on various effects different marketing solutions can have on their business. In her spare time you can usually find her hiking with her furry four-legged friend.

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