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Ideas for Boosting Office Productivity

Ideas for Boosting Office Productivity

Office managers are always looking for ways to increase productivity. There have been lots of different strategies used over the years, but even they are becoming a little less productive themselves. As a result, the quest for a more energetic and productive workplace continues.

Managers are getting more creative all the time with the ways that they try to boost productivity. If your staff is in need of a little boost, there are some simple things you can utilize to help them get that extra push.

Friendly Perks

There are a lot of inexpensive little things that can be done around the office to help people feel more appreciated and to encourage productivity. Snacks are a good example.

While no one wants their entire staff standing around munching on donuts all day, there is definitely a benefit to having that opportunity for personnel to chat casually at the office water dispenser as they enjoy a piece of fruit or a bag of snack crackers. It encourages interaction and sharing of ideas that can kick-start the workday.

A cold drink of water and a healthy snack can sometimes be just what it takes to get a new idea on the move, all with a minimal cost. Just be sure you don’t provide foods that will make people sleepy.

Friendly Competition

Every so often, it can be great for morale to develop some type of competition within the workplace, and that means more than work-related goals.

Does the shipping department really know anything about opera? Can Bob in accounting really dunk a basketball? Whether it’s a trivia challenge with a catered lunch to the winner or a weekend of basketball, there is just something about giving everyone a chance to build some bragging rights. It creates conversation and helps everybody remember that their co-workers (and they themselves) are human beings first.

Look for clues about what competitions would be popular and then put something together with a meaningful prize. The employees will think they’re the only winners, but the company will win too.

A Change of Scenery

Remember when your elementary school teachers redecorated the classroom or rearranged desks? There was something about it that gave you a boost of energy. It was exciting to have a new perspective on everything, and chances are your teacher was trying to get a little jolt out of you and your classmates.

The same is true in the workplace. Sometimes allowing people to relocate from time to time can help them feel refreshed, and it goes a long way toward resolving complaints about being too close to the vents, too far from the copier, and having to smell everyone’s lunch being microwaved. People generally don’t complain about those things as much when they know a change is imminent.

Of course, sometimes it’s impractical to move everyone, but you can make other changes. Repainting with mood-enhancing colors can not only alter the backdrop but also the mindset, and since the walls probably need painting anyway, the cost is minimal.

Most workplaces don’t struggle with a lack of qualifications or an absence of markets, but many of them do face problems with getting everyone focused and making the most of their hours each day. We all realized long ago that negative reinforcement will only go so far, so when the goal is to do positive things to encourage productivity, the tips we’ve just provided will take your staff to a higher plane of function without unnecessary expense.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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