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4 Things to Consider When Building a Custom Home

4 Things to Consider When Building a Custom Home

Just like building a business, building a custom home involves a lot of details and decisions. It can get overwhelming, but can be made less so when you are organized throughout the process.

The construction plans for your new house are akin to a roadmap that will spell out each detail of your home and how you want it built. These plans are what the builder and the subcontractors will use throughout the entire process.

Project management stages will need to be reviewed and finalized prior to starting the project. To streamline the efficiency of the construction management project, it’s best to partner with an experienced team for each step of the way, such as Gilliland Construction Management. Their team will ensure that your project is quickly and smoothly executed from A-Z.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the other things that need to be taken into consideration before the real work begins.


You should have already made a list of your priorities before the plans were drawn up. Is that outdoor kitchen a must have? All of those outdoor kitchen countertop ideas are be great, but what about the indoor kitchen? What type of flooring is needed? Make a list and separate it into about three columns. In column one place the must-have items. In the second column list the things you really want – like the outdoor kitchen. In the third column list the things that aren’t a necessity but would be nice to have. This gives you a good idea of what you might or might not compromise on.


Any time there is a construction site, there are safety hazards. It’s always a good idea to make things as safe as possible for the workers, even if this means using drones to ensure safety. This is where good tech comes in handy. Have a conversation with your builders to determine which areas or parts of the construction will present the most danger and do what you can to make them as safe as possible.

Electrical Considerations

Make notes of where the light switches and electrical outlets will be in the new home. Consider things like outlets for the Christmas tree, the wall-mounted TV, and even the fish tank. Will you need a plug outside for Christmas lights? Make a note so that you don’t forget to ask about things like this. You might even want to have outlets installed inside your bathroom cabinets so that you never have a need to unplug the hair dryer.


It shouldn’t need to be said that your drains need to function properly. However, we just said it anyway. You should question your builder regarding the plumbing subcontractor. When the pipes are exposed during the building process, inspect them. If you have any concerns at all, address them with your builder. Check on the drainage during the process of building. Consider this – during operations, the doctors always check to make sure that everything works well before they stitch their patient closed. This is what needs to be done before construction is finished. Building is a fantastic way to make sure that the entire infrastructure of your house is exactly how it needs to be.

By taking all of these things and more into consideration both before and during the construction process, you’ll be making sure that everything in your home is exactly how you want and need it to be.

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