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Top 10 Motivations for Using ASP.NET in Enterprise Setup

Top 10 Motivations for Using ASP.NET in Enterprise Setup

ASP.Net (Active Server Pages.Net), developed by Microsoft, is a robust framework for building rich and dynamic web sites and applications. Ever since its launch, ASP.Net has gained popularity among web developers and programmers. This is because of the explicit advantages the framework offers. As major corporate houses hire developers who can harness the potential of this web development model, going for ASP.NET training would prove to be a wise career decision.

Why Should You Go for ASP.NET Training?

ASP.NET spells significant benefits for organizations, which motivates them to hire professionals who are conversant with the intricacies of this framework. As the industry role is maturing, compensation and related benefits are also becoming more attractive.

Some of the major advantages that ASP.Net offer are discussed below.

Reduction in Coding Time

For building larger web applications, this framework is ideal because the amount of coding needed to create the app’s architecture is significantly less. This also shortens the time to market for the application.

Many Innovative Features

ASP.Net Framework expedites the process of building web apps by offering many out of the box features such as early binding, just in time compilation, native optimization, and caching.

Highly Secure Applications

The applications that are built on this framework can avail of the in-built Windows authentication mechanism and individual configuration option. This allows the elimination of glitches that make an application vulnerable.

Support of Visual Studio Toolbox

You can develop feature-rich web apps easily by optimizing on the Visual Basic toolbar that supplements the potential of ASP.Net. Features that can be leveraged are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing, spontaneous deployment, as well as drag and drop controls.

The Facility of Continuous Monitoring

Web pages, applications and components that have been built and deployed with ASP.Net are constantly monitored by the framework. As soon as any unwanted activity, such as memory leak or infinite loop is detected, it is eliminated and the page or application is restarted.

Ease of Deployment

Applications built with this framework are easy to deploy since the components need not be registered. This is because the information regarding configuration is already present in the system.

Server-Side Technology

ASP.Net is a server-side framework, which implies that the codes scripted in it are executed on the server first. As such, any flaw in the code can be identified and rectified early on, before execution of the browser or client-side application.

Ease of Coding and Maintaining Pages

With ASP.Net framework, the process of scripting and maintaining web pages become a breeze. This is because the source code can be blended within the HTML. Also, as the source code gets executed on the server side, web pages become more flexible and robust.

Routine Tasks Can Be Performed with Ease

The framework allows the execution of routine tasks in a simple manner. Such tasks include configuration of sites, deployment, submission of forms, and authentication of clients.

Processes Are Monitored Closely

The ASP.Net runtime facilitates close monitoring and management of all processes. This implies that if a process becomes dead, the alternate one would be created immediately to substitute it. As a result, a request would always be handled.

Improve Your Hands-On Proficiency in ASP.NET Now

If you have been sitting on the sideline waiting for an opportune moment to jump in on the IT scenario, that time has arrived. The popularity of ASP.Net is growing exponentially and a number of organizations are offering mind-boggling pay packages to have ASP.Net developers on their payrolls. With hands-on ASP.NET course, you can upskill yourself on this rich technology that can offer you lucrative career returns. Learning the implementation of ASP.Net with real-time projects under the tutelage of industry experienced mentors will help you forge ahead in your career with confidence.

You can leverage the complete potential of ASP.Net if you have prior understanding of compiler languages such as C#. If not, you can start from scratch and gradually build on your expertise.

The salaries drawn by ASP.Net developers compare with the best in the industry. In the US, the average salary of an ASP.Net developer is $91,748 per year.

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