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7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Staff Happy

7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Staff Happy

Finding and hiring the right people is essential for running a successful business. It does not matter what industry you are involved in or how big or small your organization is this is the case. So, you need to retain the good people you find, which means you have to do everything you can to keep your staff happy. Here are a few easy ways to do exactly that.

Set Up a Staff Break Room

Setting aside an area just for employees need not cost a lot of money. A small kitchen with a big fridge, a couple of microwaves, and coffee makers will not take up a lot of space. But, your staff will really appreciate this gesture.

It makes it far easier for them to eat well and enjoy a drink when they need one. They will really appreciate being able to bring in their own lunch and put it in the fridge you provide. Doing this will save them a lot of money and make it far easier for them to follow a healthy eating regime.

Celebrate Your Staff’s Successes

When something good happens, take the opportunity to celebrate it in some way. It can be as simple as gathering everyone together to thank them for their efforts and treating them all to something nice. To do this you can order pizza or a buffet. Or, if you run a big business hire a food truck to treat everyone to an informal lunch.

Giving everyone an hour to get away from work and celebrate small victories makes a huge difference. Plus, there is the added benefit that it is easy to do.

Give Everyone a Bonus

When you do well financially, remember to give something of it back to those who worked to help create that wealth. It does not have to happen often or be a formalized arrangement to lift the spirits of your staff and make them feel appreciated.

Keep Your Employees Informed

As much as possible, involve your employees in planning for the future. Let them know that you trust their judgement and have confidence in their skills.

Provide Training

The best people are interested in growing their careers. They are continuous learners. If you provide them with the opportunity to do that while working for you they will be far more likely to stay and contribute, for longer.

Promote From Within

Whenever you get the chance, promote existing staff rather than automatically recruiting externally. But, make sure that you do not pressure anyone into taking on a role they do not really want to do. You need to promote your staff because you appreciate them, not make them feel like you are dumping a lot of  unwanted responsibility into their lap.

Set Clear Goals

People work better when they have clear goals. When they know what they are aiming for, your workforce is more likely to pull together and work as a team.

If you want to learn more about setting goals for your staff, you can do so by reading this.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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