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Interesting Options for Funding a Small Business

Interesting Options for Funding a Small Business

Launching your own startup requires a lot of things. To succeed in the business world, you’ll need an idea that can change the industry, a passion to do something you love, and the commitment to stick to your targets through thick and thin. However, it takes a lot more than the right attitude and mindset to pull your business off the ground. You’re also going to need some kind of financing too. These days, getting approved for a business loan isn’t easy. Banks and credit unions are increasingly giving entrepreneurs more hoops to jump through when they want to access initial funding – particularly if they don’t have any evidence that their organization is going to be successful. With that in mind, here are three alternative options for funding your business.


Crowdfunding on sites like Kickstarter is a funding option that’s becoming increasingly popular among modern entrepreneurs. With crowdfunding, you establish a goal for how much money you’d like to raise over a set period of time. To encourage people to invest their cash, you might promise them something in return, like a product when you start manufacturing, or a unique incentive. The only downside with crowdfunding is that so many people are using this method today, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. You’ll need to work hard to find the funding you need in the period that you choose.

Cash in on Your Life Insurance

If you’re unemployed and considering launching your own business, the funds that you’ve accumulated in your life insurance policy can start to look incredibly attractive. This is particularly true when you’re having a hard time finding investors and other sources of capital. The good news is that thanks to provisions in the tax code, you can access your whole life insurance cash value more easily than you’d think. These days, there are options available to people who want to use just a small portion of their insurance without a penalty, as well as solutions for those who want to sell their life insurance policy for a complete lump sum.

Turn to Family and Friends

One of the easiest ways to find the cash that you need for your business, without turning to a business loan, is to ask your friends and family for their support. The chances are that they won’t be able to fund your entire operation, but they might be willing to pitch in together to make your dreams a reality if they have the spare cash available.

Just be careful when it comes to asking your loved ones for money. If you ask for too much and you can’t pay back what you borrow, then you could end up putting some crucial relationships at risk. It’s worth providing some formal financial projects to the people that you’re thinking of borrowing from, so that they can see how much time and thought you’ve put into creating your new business idea, and how committed you are to making it work.

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