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Why Proper Signage Is Important for your Business

Why Proper Signage Is Important for your Business

Signage is something that very few business owners give much thought to. We all have a tendency to move into our new premises, sort out the signage once, and then totally forget about it. There are just too many other important things for us to attend to. Signs are defiantly right at the bottom of the must-do list, if it even makes the list at all.

Your Business Needs More Signs than you Think

Every business needs signs. Just take a look around your own premises and you will be amazed by how many you already have. Then visit the mydoorsign website for a few minutes and you will end up being even more amazed by how many you should have, but don’t. Virtually every business person who looks at the site ends up ordering something.

Yet, they don’t sell any frontage signs–just the practical signs that tell you what is behind the door, for example a conference room or a janitorial closet. They also offer a few others that share information with people when you are not around to do so. For example, your shop’s opening hours or a warning not to enter. They also sell a few safety-related signs.

If you have not audited your business signs for a while, take the time to do so. They can make it easier to keep your staff safer, as well as help them and your customers to find their way around.

So, if you have not done so for a while sit down and work out what signage your business needs.

How to Audit your Signage and Keep it up to Date

This health and safety signage audit template will help you make sure all of your signage is up to date. It is a very good starting point at least. However, you should also take a hard look at the other signs in your workplace every once in a while. Make sure that every room and cupboard that contains important items are clearly designated with a sign. This helps to keep things organized and will stop people from having to wander around aimlessly looking for the room they need.

It is also worth looking at putting up signage that shares important instructions with your workforce. For example, tools that are rarely used may need to be sprayed with oil to stop them from rusting. Many of the larger sign printing companies will print customized signs for you. These are great for instructions that are not likely to change for many years, but if this is not the case, or you just need temporary signage, you may want to print your own onto A4 paper and then laminate them.

As regulations change you may need additional signs. For example, over the past few years, in many countries, smoking inside has been banned. This has meant that businesses have had to put up no-smoking signs to comply with the law. So, it is a good idea to audit your workplace signage at least once a year.

Keep Your Signs in a Good State of Repair

Once you have all of the signs you need in place, make sure that they are kept clean. Immediately replace any that get broken or are past their prime.

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by Stephen Anderson // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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