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How to Use Digital Signage for a Successful Business Marketing Strategy

How to Use Digital Signage for a Successful Business Marketing Strategy

Digital signage has quickly become one of the most popular marketing efforts introduced by both small and large businesses alike, and it’s clear to see why. Yet, many companies haven’t gotten on board with digital signage, or if they have, they don’t quite know how to get the best results from it.

Digital signage is a powerful tool. It grabs the attention of your customers, boosts engagement, and impression rates, and, in turn, bolsters sales. Digital signage requires effort. You can’t just put a cute picture of a puppy on a digital signage board and expect the customers to come flooding in. There is a particular art to marketing your business through digital signage, and the team at Display Technology we will be taking a look at how to introduce this marketing phenomenon for a successful marketing strategy for your business.

Set Realistic, Achievable Goals

If you’re already familiar with some pretty basic business marketing strategies, then you’ll know the first step you need to take is to set goals that are realistic and achievable. There isn’t much point creating goals if you’re never going to be able to achieve them – it will leave you feeling deflated and unsuccessful.

Instead, you need to set goals that you can work towards easily. Start with something simple like getting five customers to interact with your digital signage. Whatever your marketing goals are, you need to outline them and determine how they will be measured before starting to develop your digital signage strategy.

Create Engaging Content

The key to any successful digital signage campaign is to create truly engaging content that is specifically optimized for your targeted customer demographic. Whether you opt to display a video, advertisement, or social media content on your digital signage, you need to make sure it grabs the attention of your customers or clients. Understanding your target audience is the first step to ensuring that the tone of voice, imagery, and language that is used is right for them and has the best possible chance of engagement.

It’s always a good idea to promote deals and offers via digital signage, as well as the brand itself, but be careful not to bombard customers with information, making them feel like they’re being pressured to make a purchase. You could include some humor or personality through imagery or customer-generated content to break up the cycle and keep your content fresh.

Track Your Success

Asking for feedback plays a huge part in the success of your digital signage strategy. If you don’t ask for the opinions of others then you run the risk of an unsuccessful and ineffective campaign. Never underestimate the helpfulness of customer feedback. Once you know what your target audience liked and disliked within your digital signage, you can adjust it accordingly and, in the future, give them more of the content they loved.

If you prefer to observe your marketing successes more analytically, you can track metrics by including promo codes and unique URLs within your content so that you know when, and if, your digital signage displays are grabbing the attention of your customers. If your marketing efforts aren’t achieving the goals you initially set, then it may be worth starting your digital marketing campaign again. Revisit your goals and check they are still realistic, put a different spin on the content you’re providing your customers with, and finally track the success again. Remember, practice makes perfect.

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by Chloe Ward // Chloe is a Marketing Executive for the Fortec Group and looks after the marketing for Display Technology, Display Solutions and the Components Bureau.

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