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Promotion Platforms – How to Choose the Right Method For Your Product

Promotion Platforms – How to Choose the Right Method For Your Product

Marketing and promotion are the key contributing factors to the success of your product or business. After all, how are customers supposed to know what you have to offer if you don’t convey to them exactly what you can bring to the table? This is why product promotion is so essential. Thankfully, in 2019, there are multiple platforms and avenues for businesses to promote their products and services. Today we’ll a look at 5 of the most popular routes of promotion that companies use, so read on to find out more.

1. In-Store Visual Merchandising

Have you heard of in-store visual merchandising? Chances are you’ve seen it in every single brick and mortar store you’ve walked into. Retail merchandising is one of the top methods of product promotion, as it allows you to promote your products without anything other than itself. Visual or retail merchandising is a method of developing not just floor plans, but also product layout, three-dimensional displays, and digital displays of your products and services in-store. This is an ideal method for clothing stores, electronic stores, or even cosmetic stores that are looking to engage with their target audience in-store. 

2. Social Media Advertising

In 2019, social media is bigger than ever. In a new age where businesses and companies are utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote not just products but also services. It would be silly to not hop on the bandwagon as soon as possible. From targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, that allow you to set your own budget, to influencer based advertising, social media is truly one of the most powerful platforms for advertising in today’s world. If you are looking to promote a product or service, we highly recommend starting off with sponsored ads on social media platforms. Then working your way up to influencer marketing that will allow your product to be seen by thousands, if not millions of people all around the globe.

3. Email Marketing

Have you ever heard of email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp? If you’ve ever received a newsletter that you’ve signed up for, chances are you have been engaged in email marketing. Email marketing is a promotional tool that can get you instant results. Instead of having to wait for SEO to kick in and start driving traffic to your website, email marketing allows you to reach the consumer instantly. You can offer new subscribers discounts and incentives to shop, or even reward loyal subscribers with special VIP promotions. Whatever the case, email marketing is something that every business should utilize as a part of their promotional efforts.

4. Share Customer Reviews

Nothing has more meaning than a review from a customer who has experienced your products and services. Word of mouth is gold in the marketing world, which is why businesses can use positive reviews to their advantage as a marketing tool. Why not share satisfied customer testimonials across your social media platforms? Or perhaps include them in your email marketing campaigns. People are more likely to not just sign up for your newsletter, but also entrust you with their business if there are glowing reviews of all that you have to offer.

5. Send Out Print Media

Last but not least, sending out print media and press releases to influential bloggers, companies, magazines, or newspapers is a fantastic way to get your brand recognized in the press. Getting publicity is a great way for your business to reach new customers that you may not have been able to get to on your own, which is why print media is important in the promotion of your product or service. Sometimes, old is gold, and in this instance, print media has proven its worth over decades and is here to stay.

We hope that this article has given you some valuable knowledge about the various promotion platforms and methods that exist in 2019 to assist you in increasing sales and revenue.

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