Hiring And Firing

Business Owner Mitch Goodz to Entrepreneurs: If You Have a Passion, Go for It, but Build Your Business Skills

Good Sounds is an audiovisual installer with over thirty-five years in the business. The lessons that co-founder and owner Mitch Goodz has to share with emerging and established entrepreneurs are lessons that apply to all fields. Mitch and his company have succeeded by embracing technology and by understanding customers—what they want, and the kind of service and quality … [Read more...]

How to Fire an Employee That Isn’t Working Out

There is wisdom in the old business adage “Fire fast, hire slowly.” You will not regret the time you spend interviewing and talking to references for that important new hire. However, you may regret hanging on to a less than stellar employee for too long. Keep in mind that many employees need a training and adjustment period when they begin a new position. Beyond that time … [Read more...]

4 Best Online Sites for Posting Job Ads

Hiring the best employee possible for your small business is a process. And it is one that generally starts with posting the open position where it is most likely to be found by the one person who will meet (or even exceed) your required qualifications and requirements. Of course, posting the job in local newspapers and even hanging a “Help Wanted” sign on your door is an … [Read more...]

3 Key Elements of a Help Wanted Ad That Attracts Top Applicants

As of June 30th, 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are 5.2 million jobs open in the United States. Therefore, if you’re trying to fill even one of them, you’re competing against a large number of other employers who also want the best new staff member they can get. That’s why you want an effective help wanted ad; so you can edge out your competitors and … [Read more...]

Working Interviews: To Do Them Or Not?

Until a few months ago, I didn’t even know that working interviews exist. However, upon conducting some research for an interview-related article, I stumbled upon this concept and was kind of shocked. You mean, you can ask someone to come in and work for a certain length of time before even deciding to hire them? For free? Although it is a concept that seems to be rooted … [Read more...]

Listening to These 3 Gut Instincts May Make You a Better Businessperson

In business, it is easy to find solid, tangible advice on most everything from how to create a high-converting website to the best ways to advertise and promote your business based on statistics and past practices. But what if your head is telling you that you should do one thing, yet your gut is telling you that you really need to do another—even though it isn’t telling you … [Read more...]

Ethics in Business: 5 Questions With Melissa Armentrout, Owner of Skycrest, Inc.

Melissa Armentrout, Owner of Skycrest Incorporated, answers Businessing Magazine's 5 Questions. She discusses the importance of staying true to your personal convictions when it comes to business. What are the primary service(s) or product(s) that your business provides? Skycrest is an Executive Search Consulting firm focused on the Life Science industry globally. Who’s your … [Read more...]

How Do I Know How Much to Pay My New Employees?

You have weighed the pros and cons of hiring some new employees and have decided to go for it. Now comes an even trickier decision – how much should you pay these people? Figuring out pay scales and salaries can be a complicated part of running a small business. Salary surveys often don’t cover the kind of multitasking you are requiring for your small staff. And your … [Read more...]

Should You Use an Employment Agency to Find Your Next New Hire?

“Outsourcing” seems to be the hot word in the business world nowadays. After all, you can outsource almost everything, from marketing to production to sales. It only makes sense then that you consider outsourcing your hiring process, which usually means using an employment agency to help you find your next best employee. But is that the right route for you and your small … [Read more...]

Need Extra Summer Help? What you Need to Know About Hiring Seasonal Workers

For many small business owners, including those in the tourism business or those catering to warm weather activities, summer means “go” time. You wait all year for this busy time, and you don’t want to miss any business because of lack of preparation. In fact, you may be looking to add some extra staff members to handle the extra work. Seasonal employees are defined as … [Read more...]