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Tips for Finding Great Freelance Writers for Your Small Business

Tips for Finding Great Freelance Writers for Your Small Business

For many small business owners, hiring a freelance writer seems like an unnecessary expense, but investing in a freelancer is going to pay off, considering the fact that you are maximizing your time and minimizing your costs. A freelance writer will free you and your employees up to work on other tasks, and will usually work for less money than you ever would.

One of the most common methods of finding freelance writers is posting offers online on one of the numerous freelance hiring platforms. All you have to do is describe the type of writer you are looking for, and the writers come to you. You can then read their cover letters, interview them, and decide on the best person for the job.

Take a look at the following list of tips for hiring the best freelance writer for your small business.

Look for Amazing Writing

When you hire a freelance writer, hire a great one. Do not settle for good, you need great—someone who is out of the ordinary, innovative, creative, and open-minded. Their writing has to capture people’s attention and make them want to read your content.

Quality Over Quantity, Always

When you find a great writer, don’t let him or her go. Pay as much as he or she requires, and be prepared to reach a compromise. Ken Lotter, CEO at Essay Greeks, shares his opinion: “Talented writers don’t come cheap, so don’t expect to pay less than $40 for a 1000 word article. Remember that you will spend more money editing if their English is not good enough, so there is no point in working with less experienced freelancers.”

Hire Writers Based on Your Readers’ Demands

After you found your niche, you need to be aware of your readers’ demands. You must hire writers who not only grab the attention of the public, but also expand on the subjects you are publishing. You niche and their skills have to go hand in hand, and connect in every way. If a freelancer has no idea what he’s writing about, your articles will be of low quality.

Hire More than One Writer

Hiring only one person to do all the writing tasks for your business is not always the best idea. Hiring a freelancer who specializes only in content writing is a good investment, but you need to consider the other parts too: SEO, editing, formatting, and publishing. One person can’t do it all, so consider hiring more people and giving them different tasks.

Think About Communication

Make sure you hire the people you have no problem reaching. They have to answer your messages quickly, and always be on time with their tasks. If they have problems respecting your wishes, discuss it with them and come to a beneficial conclusion for both sides. If you are not satisfied enough with their services, you don’t need to keep them.

Time Zone is Important

Working in different time zones might make it challenging for you and your writers. Even though it is an online job, you need to consider if it’s worth working with people who are 10 hours off your time zone. Is it efficient? If not, you should definitely search for people working during your working hours. Specify that in your hiring post.

Find Writers Who Agree with Your Form of Payment

It is better to clarify all the terms from the beginning. You should specify the form of payment you are going to use before you start working with a new writer. That will avoid future conflict, and will filter freelancers even more, making it easier for you to find the right ones.

Search on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Craigslist

Another smart way of searching for the best writers is to post your job offer on social media. Maybe a friend of yours knows a friend who knows a friend who’s a great writer, so why not give it a try? If they come in with recommendations, that’s even better.


In order to promote your business, you need to promote it online. Posting job offers on social media and Upwork is not enough. Posting ads on your own website is a good way to develop connections with freelancers. You can also pay other popular websites to display your ads on their websites. Finding the best freelancers requires a lot of work, but in the end, it’s totally worth it.


Freelance writers are extremely beneficial for your business. In the short run, they might seem to be an expensive investment, but the long-term benefits certainly outweigh the disadvantages. By hiring great freelancers, your productivity will increase, and your company will expand faster.

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