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How to Prepare Your Rental House for Occupation

How to Prepare Your Rental House for Occupation

Getting an occupant into your rental home or apartment can be a real struggle. Even if you do get a person to rent your house, the amount they might be willing to pay may not be what you had envisioned. There are many factors that make a house less attractive to tenants, ranging from its condition to the neighborhood, so we have compiled a few things you can do to make your house get an occupant faster.

Clean and Spruce Up

The first impression is a major factor to consider when you are renting out a home or apartment. Whether you are preparing your personal property or an apartment for occupation, you need to ensure the entire space is cleaned. This includes cleaning the carpets, walls, floors, and clearing all the debris within the building.

In case you had a previous tenant living in your house or apartment, you may want to consult professionals to do the end of tenancy cleaning. This is especially necessary for furnished apartments or houses that need some upholstery cleaning.

Cosmetic Touch-Ups

Anyone looking for a rental home will want something that has some kind of curb appeal, which means you need to make your property look attractive from the road. This can be achieved through some simple touch-ups: paint the house, trim the grass, clean out the weeds from your flowerbeds, and improve your fence line. You should also repaint interior walls and kitchen cabinets.

Do Thorough Maintenance

Whenever you are preparing a house for rent, it’s vital to assume you are the one living in it. This means you have to correct all the damages and replace broken fixtures to make the home livable. Do a thorough overhaul to ensure there are no leaking faucets, peeling wallpapers, or curling shingles.

Have an expert check the plumbing system, air conditioning, and electric systems in the home. Besides ensuring the systems are working properly, make sure they are also cleaned to ensure effective use in the future.

Insure Your Property

Renting a house out to a total stranger is like entrusting your car to another driver. There’s always the possibility of an accident occurring. The safest way to secure your property against unforeseeable events is by taking a landlord insurance cover, which secures your property against damages. You’ll also receive income from the renter even when the property is being repaired.

Pest Control

No matter how good your home looks from outside, pests can ruin the party before it even begins. Pest control is a very crucial step for tenant preparation because ignoring rodent or termite infestation could cause you to lose tenants within a month or so. Be sure to pest-proof your house before renting it out.

Property Evaluation

Setting a fee for your property is a delicate step. You must come up with a figure that is not too much for your tenant or too little. Overpricing your property will push potential tenants away, while underpricing will make you lose money. To avoid this headache, look for a professional to do the valuation. Your property will be valued based on the available facilities, location, and the condition of the space, among other factors.

Do Proper Marketing

Once you’ve renovated, cleaned and valued your home, it’s time to look for a tenant. Proper advertising doesn’t mean exaggerating the condition of your home. It means providing the correct details that will enable potential tenants to make the right decision.

Provide all the information about the house: the size, number of rooms, available appliances and any other details. Remember, you’re advertising and informing people at the same time. Be sure to explain why the home a great place to live. Also take pictures with flash and a nice camera if you can!

Final Thoughts

How well you prepare your rental property will determine how much you get in return. More people will be willing to rent your property if it looks maintained, attractive, and livable. Following these few steps will help you be prepared for a successful tenant acquiring process.

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