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Why Great Web Design Is Important for Your Business

Why Great Web Design Is Important for Your Business

A poorly designed, dinky website no longer cuts it in this modern tech-driven era. Customers expect to buy a product/service from a website that is navigable, has a well-curated list of options, and sports a design layout that is easy on the eyes. But because great web design usually comes with a hefty price tag, a lot of startups and small mom and pop shops forego the services of a professional web designer or the digital tools available online in lieu of short-term savings. Eventually, this poor decision catches up to them in the form of customer loss, low online visibility, and weak digital brand presence. Here are a few reasons why your company should invest in great web design from the start.

Improves Company Credibility

Here’s an eye-opening statistic to get you interested in good web design: seventy five percent of users make decisions about a company’s trustworthiness based on its website’s visual design. Imagine if Amazon’s website was poorly designed with buttons and headers scattered everywhere and colors contrasting each other. Would you still buy it from the company? What if Facebook’s website had a confusing page structure wherein you couldn’t find message notifications or your news feed? Would you still use the social media platform? Although web design only plays a part in these brands’ respective growth and success, it gives users a reason to visit the site and learn more about the company’s offerings.

Grabs User Attention Quickly

Another popular web-related statistic is that you have a mere ten seconds to leave an impression before a visitor of your website loses interest. In that 10-second time frame, you’ll need to tell your visitors what they’ll get out of the site and convince them why you are the brand that can deliver what they need and want. This is a short time to convey your brand message and answer these critical questions, yet it’s the reality that every business must accept. With a great web design that incorporates the right lighting, colors, background elements, and content, you’ll be able to keep their attention right where you want it – on your brand.

Converts Visitors into Paying Customers

A whopping thirty eight percent of visitors will stop engaging with your business’ website if the visuals are ugly to look at. Even if your content is helpful and engaging, your website will fail to convert visitors into paying customers if it fails to keep customers on your site. In fact, according to key findings, a quarter of customers say that they value entertaining content more than accurate ones. Failure to convert leads into customers can stem from confusing site navigation, technical glitches in your shopping cart software, and slow page loading.

Forms a Cohesive Brand Message

A well-designed website can play a pivotal role in establishing your brand message and unifying every product line and marketing channel of your business. The aesthetics and content on your website can help convey your brand’s mission and vision and an official logo can inspire brand uniformity. If you include a logo on your site, you’ll want to place it on all your products and print materials for consistency. It is essential for your target audience to recognize your brand in various mediums.

Increases Brand Visibility

According to Virtual Xcellence, a company that does web design in Toronto, with an ever-evolving complex and challenging global business environment, it has become imperative for enterprises to focus on the core of their business. Marketing is part of that core, regardless of the size and industry. Nowadays, the web is the largest avenue for marketing your brand and getting customers. By having a website that is optimized for search engine visibility, you can increase lead generation and maintain low marketing costs per customer while also improving your website’s rankings on major search engines like Google. A professional firm can help you make the most of visible sections of the website screen by placing proper keywords on them, which can help search engines crawl your site more easily, ultimately resulting in higher placement on their respective results pages.

These reasons are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why great web design is important for your business. A website that follows good design principles can also be easier to manage from a business standpoint. You can also control how fast users can check out the products/services they are interested in buying, which product lines should be at the center of your digital storefront, and update your target audience regarding new brand developments.

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