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How Self-Storage Works and Why You Should Consider Renting It

How Self-Storage Works and Why You Should Consider Renting It

If you have never used a self storage unit, you might be wondering how it all works. In a nutshell, self-storage serves the same purpose that a shed or garage at your home would. It’s a dry, clean, and secure space in a storage unit where you can store some of your belongings in order to declutter your home or keep items out of the way while you move. Here are a few other benefits to choosing self-storage.

Reasons to Choose Self-Storage

There are all sorts of reasons to choose self-storage, but some are more common than others. Here are a few scenarios where self-storage could be utilized.

College Storage – Students who prefer not to move all their dorm furniture home for the summer can use a self-storage unit near campus for convenience.

Extra Vehicle Storage – While you can store boxes and furniture at a storage unit, you can also use the space to store boats, motorcycles, cars, RVs, and other vehicles.

Military Deployment – Individuals who are in the military may be deployed and need a space for their belongings, which is a perfect reason for self-storage. This can also be an option for military families that move around a lot.

Moving – If you are dealing with a complicated move, you can use a self-storage unit as a temporary space for appliances, furniture, clothing, and other items until your new home is ready.

Remodelling – Remodelling can take weeks or months and may cause a lot of clutter while your belongings are not in their typical place. Storage can be a way to keep items organized and safe until you’re done with the project.

Seasonal Storage – Items like lawn equipment, holiday decorations, winter clothing, and recreational vehicles can be placed in storage when not in use to save some space.

As you can see, there are all sorts of reasons to investigate self-storage for your belongings. While these are some of the most common reasons to choose a self-storage option, the following are less common situations, but they might apply to you.

A storage unit can be used to hold excess business supplies to clear clutter in your office. It can be used when you’re staging a home for sale or when you’re consolidating two houses together. Self-storage can be used for downsizing, when the closing date for a new home is pushed back, or when you’ll be travelling without a permanent residence.

Most people will have a time when self storage can be helpful, and what’s important is finding a company that offers security for your belongings, great customer service, and the size of space that is needed for your items.

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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