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5 Tips for Marketing your Restaurant Online

5 Tips for Marketing your Restaurant Online

Competition in the culinary world can be fierce, especially in an area saturated with good eateries. Marketing your restaurant has to be done efficiently and effectively for it to stand a good chance of survival. Continue reading for our five top tips that will help you market your business online.

Establish an Online Presence via Social Media

We hear the term ‘online presence’ on a regular basis, but what does it actually mean? Essentially, it means making a name for yourself on social media, in this case, and engaging on a regular basis. Posting several times a day for a week on Facebook or Instagram and then abandoning the people who have liked your page is the complete opposite of what you ought to be aiming for. People will want to be able to ask questions about their allergies or dietary requirements, book a table, and so much more via social media platforms, but if you are largely unresponsive, it sends out the wrong message.

Establish an Online Presence via Your Website

A good website is a necessity for the vast majority of businesses. If someone wants to know something about your restaurant, the chances are they will go online to find out the answer rather than calling you up and asking. Even if they were to call you, most of the times this happens is as a result of finding your number online anyway.

Ensuring that your website is informative and attractive is vital. You want it to have good photographs of your food, as well as up-to-date information. Of course, if food is your thing and marketing is certainly not, consider employing the services of a restaurant marketing agency who will be able to support you appropriately.

Engage with Reviewers

There are several platforms available for people to review your restaurant online and most of the time, there is the option to respond to feedback. It is common for restaurant owners to react solely to those reviews that are tinged with negativity. Try to avoid doing this, as it makes the criticisms seem more important to you than the reviews containing praise. Be sure to respond to all reviews if possible, thanking people for their feedback and apologizing wherever necessary. Engaging in a debate online can be a turn-off to anyone seeking a new place to try for an upcoming dinner.

Geo-Targeted Advertising

Although you will welcome having out-of-towners dine with you, the most important market to tap into is the local one. Geo-targeted ads mean that your advertising reaches those people within a certain area, rather than people who have little chance of being in your neck of the woods. This approach will also save you money.

Consider Blogging

Blogging for your own website is a great idea, but you could also write a column for a local digital magazine or even your town or city’s newspaper. Raving about a new dish your restaurant has to offer or a new partnership you have established with a local butcher who only uses local produce are things that people love to learn about. It can also bring more traffic to your website, which can only ever be a good thing.

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