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Boost Your Business Marketing Impact with Instagram Stories

Boost Your Business Marketing Impact with Instagram Stories

Every business needs to engage with their customers. After all, customers buy brands, not just products. Instagram Stories is a powerful engagement creating tool, allowing your business to show its personality while creating lasting loyalty from your customers while also creating impactful, amplified marketing.

Customer Engagement Is the Key to Creating Business Impact

Businesses know that loyal customers are the most profitable customers, and genuine engagement is at the heart of this. That’s because engagement develops a lasting customer-business relationship that encourages loyalty with real sticking power.

Making customer engagement your business strategy focus will:

  • Create trust in your brand
  • Demonstrate how much you value your customers through great customer service
  • Help you gain valuable customer insight
  • Develop a brand loyal group of customers who act as brand ambassadors

Put simply, engagement creates marketing with real impact. And what business doesn’t want that?

Instagram Stories Are Perfect to Boost Business Engagement

Instagram is an awesome tool for businesses to develop better engagement with customers.

80% of Instagram users follow a business on Instagram, and a third of the most viewed stories are from a business. Your business can’t afford to ignore the massive marketing potential of Instagram Stories.

The reason Instagram Stories are so powerful is due to a combination of tools that will supercharge your marketing. These include:

  • Location geotags can be added in Stories. Whether you own a retail store, a restaurant or a web design business- people need to find you and geotags make it easy for them.
  • Instagram Stories allow you to share your brand values in a creative, instantly accessible way, by letting you harness the power of storytelling.
  • Links can be added in Stories, thus driving customers to your website to make a purchase, make a booking, or capitalize on any special events or product offers. Using Stories with a strong CTA will significantly boost customer engagement.

Four Ways to Utilize Instagram Stories for Impactful Business Marketing

Here are 4 great ideas for Instagram Stories content that will get your business noticed, create engagement, and increase your marketing impact.

Up Your Follower Engagement by Asking Real Questions

Asking your followers questions always works to create engagement, and this will help your marketing strategy get noticed. Use the AMA (Ask Me Anything) feature to start a genuine conversation between your brand and your followers. Ask them to vote on a favorite product or ask for feedback on a recent interaction with your business. It’s a great way to really get to know what your customers want, as well as creating genuine customer-brand interaction to up your impact.

Make Your Business Part of the Conversation on Instagram

The great thing about Instagram Stories is that it’s instant. As a result, your business will be able to quickly and dynamically respond to any current events or the latest news stories in real time. Becoming part of the conversation by being fresh and up to date is a great way to keep your marketing current and engaging.

Reward Your Instagram Followers with Instagram Stories Only Offers

Although Instagram users run a mile from the hard-sell— creating platform specific sales and offers can really work. Rewarding your Instagram followers with great offers or VIP discounts, announced only through Instagram Stories will keep your followers engaged and feeling valued. Boost loyal by maximizing customers’ feelings of value, by making them feel as though they have an extra connection with your business.

This “VIP” status is a great incentive to get your followers to keep checking your content out, which further boosts engagement again.

Show Your Customers the People behind Your Business

Capturing a real time, behind-the-scenes look at your business is ideal content for Instagram Stories, because it adds some storytelling magic to your brand story. Whether you run a restaurant or a retail store, show customers the real people behind the business by using engaging video clips.

Instagram Stories Help Business Marketing Become More Impactful

For any business to create marketing with real impact, customer engagement must be a top priority. Instagram Stories give businesses the tools to create engagement, which amplifies the impact and reach of business messaging every time.

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by Hannah Hambleton // Hannah Hambleton is the Content Manager for Beambox. Hannah writes about marketing trends and technology, giving businesses the tools to create lasting growth and engagement. Beambox is a guest WiFi provider, combining WiFi with marketing for customer lasting insight.

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