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6 Free Mobile Video Editing Apps for Instagram’s IGTV

6 Free Mobile Video Editing Apps for Instagram’s IGTV

The Facebook-owned Instagram has now become a formidable rival of YouTube with one of its most recent additions ‒ the IGTV. Seriously, can this social media platform get any cooler?

This new video feature allows you to upload long-form content, and makes it relatively easier for an average user to view due to its vertical nature. This recent addition is available on the traditional Instagram as well as in IGTV’s standalone app.

Businesses and brands can now create their own “channel” in the platform, which allows their followers to view long-form videos that last for more than 60 seconds. More prominent brands and businesses can also upload videos that can last up to an hour. To know more, here’s a guide to Instagram’s IGTV.

So if you’re planning creative ways to showcase your brand on IGTV, we’ve researched the best video editing apps out there that will make the whole editing process fun, and create compelling results!

iMovie (iOS)

Apple’s iMovie has been sticking around for a long time, and throughout the years it remained true to its philosophy ‒ a clean and elegant interface that’s relatively easy to use. Initially, the iMovie was just accessible to Mac users only. Nowadays, Apple makes it simple for all types of creators to edit their videos.

iMovie offers a myriad of editing options, from split screen to frame speed. It can also edit 4k videos, which is excellent because IGTV allows 4k videos to be uploaded.

Here are some features of iMovie:

  • Well-optimized for Mac computers
  • Automatically brings audio, videos, and other clips from iCloud
  • Supports 4k videos for stunning cinema-quality films
  • Smooth importing, editing and scrubbing through a 4k video
  • Streamlined design, multi-touch gestures that are intuitive by nature
  • Ten creative video filters
  • Built-in sound effects, voice-over, and music
  • Extra special effects (split-screen, picture-in-picture, and green-screen effects)
  • High-quality, animated titles and credits

Apple Clips (iOS)

Released way back in 2017, Apple created this free iOS smartphone video editor, giving modern video creators an editing app that is highly compatible with social media. For some, it is the iMovie for the next generation.

Here are some of its notable features:

  • Allows users to edit shorter videos with special effects, captions, graphics, and more
  • Facial recognition feature wherein it matches different faces based on your address book, making it easier to share a video
  • Siri voice recognition to create animated captions in projects
  • Direct sharing to Instagram
  • Full toolkit to ensure the job gets done

Quik (iOS or Android)

Quik is known previously as Replay before it was purchased by GoPro years ago. You shouldn’t worry if you don’t have a GoPro, as you can still use the app. Quik is mainly designed for Instagrammers, but anyone can use it to edit their videos and other content.

Quik is all about crafting videos ‒ fast. All you need is to pick a style, pace, font, trims, and a filter. Then, decide on a theme and choose a selection, and the app will do the rest for you, allowing you to edit videos on the go.

There is also a function in the app that will enable you to produce a professional video. Overall, this app saves you a lot of time, especially in the seemingly painstaking editing process.

Foodie (iOS or Android)

The food niche is increasingly popular these days. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a lot of photo and video apps that have emerged allow you to edit your meals. If you’re an influencer or a brand in the food niche, then this app is for you.

It lets video creators shot and edit 60-second videos, anything from making your favorite meal prep to eating challenges. Moreover, fitness enthusiasts will love Foodie’s feature wherein it allows you to create short clips, whether it’s grocery store hauls and other unique cooking techniques.

Videoshop (iOS or Android)

Videoshop is another excellent app that’s compatible with any smartphone.  This powerful video editing app helps video editors to edit high-quality IGTV videos with relative ease. Moreover, videos that are edited on the platform are easily shared on various social media channels like Instagram.

Videoshop allows content creators to:

  • Make changes on coloring
  • Add music, animated titles, texts, and voice overs
  • Trim certain clips
  • Come up with slow-mo and stop-motion videos
  • Tilt-shift Mode (adding depth to videos)

KineMaster (iOS or Android)

KineMaster takes in complex video editing tools and making them more user-friendly. Thus, it’s ideal for beginners ‒ amateur photographers and videographers. It has an extensive toolkit, with a variety of editing options, to help make you come up with a compelling IGTV video.

KineMaster has a variety of tools and features:

  • Adds texts, handwriting, images, and stickers
  • Multiple video layers
  • Instant preview of edited projects
  • Green screen and picture-in-picture mode

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