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Video Marketing Could Take Your Business to a Whole New Level

Video Marketing Could Take Your Business to a Whole New Level

Videos are how the new generations consume media. It is how they learn to think about difficult topics and how they communicate across social media. Websites like YouTube have become hugely lucrative by allowing people the chance to upload all of their videos onto one ‘page’ or account. Media platforms like TikTok also have incredible marketing power by showing bite-sized videos to people who are in the same interest group. It does not matter what size your business is (even if it is still just a concept), your business can heavily benefit from marketing videos. Here are some of the best ways to utilize these videos today, but you are not limited to these—the sky’s the limit with your usage.

The Main Idea behind Videos

A lot of businesses take the route of videos (or TV) and they have the right idea with the wrong execution. Usually this comes from inexperience or a lack of understanding about how they can draw in a particular demographic. This results in situations like local business TV commercials. Most of the time they are cheap and terrible quality, making them a joke in the local community. Or they play for years after the novelty has worn off, then people start having kids that grow up listening to the commercials and never question it. Making your business a joke or running the commercial until a literal new generation of kids does not question it, are not great business plans. You want to make sure that your business is seen in a professional way when it reaches your audience.

Do not follow trends which you are currently seeing, since a lot of times once they reach the adults—the trend is already done. Further, your goal is to market yourself as a hard hitting, real answer for real issues. Doing videos and making posts parodying music videos or joking around with hot topics, will not be a great look. Remember, once it is on the internet it is there forever, so be smart about what is posted.

Two Types of Videos

There are really only two types of video available to you. The first is using in-person videos, and the second type of video is screen recording. You can benefit by using in-person videos by utilizing the empathy portion of our brains. In seeing a face, we can assign that face to be ‘the guy’ for an entire company. Our brains do this naturally, and often it is an association which cannot be broken once the connection is made.

The second type of video, screen recording, has its own benefits. This sort of video has the ability to display large amounts of information in small, consumable bites. It has the added benefit of not attaching a person or a face to the company. Staying more anonymous will let your company remain neutral in the minds of people (rather than having the potential to make people dislike the company based on their own biases).

Great Options for Video Marketing

Creating a selling video is a great way for you to get your message through to your customers. They can see your product or service in practice and apply what they see to their own circumstances. The video alone may be enough to sell clients. If you want to use multiple types of videos beyond just those for sales, here are some ideas. Just make a quick video, add your watermark or logo in the corner, and let the videos speak for themselves.


If you are having a large announcement coming up, maybe opening a new location or having a big update to your systems—make a video about it. Even if you do not think that most people would care, your past clients will care if you make the information available to them. Make sure to explain what the new changes mean for them, and how they are a good thing for everyone.


If you go this route, you can use either video type, but it is best to use small quotes in the screen sharing way—and longer experience commentary in the form of in-person. Try not to overly produce or share these videos since they can easily be blocked by people uninterested in the reviews and testimonials. You want these to reach potential clients, not annoy the non-interested parties.

Do a How-to

If you have a company where you are working with your hands or you are doing something that you think your clients may benefit from seeing the process behind (like how to use an Excel feature), you should consider doing a how-to. A significant portion of the internet is teaching and information, you can use that to your advantage and produce helpful videos which will push your business forward, while sharing the most helpful tips and tricks of your trade.

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