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4 Ideas for Marketing Videos Created Using Screen Recording

4 Ideas for Marketing Videos Created Using Screen Recording

Recording and producing conventional marketing videos can be time-consuming, not to mention expensive. Both can limit your options, and prevent you from creating as many videos as you’d like.

Instead of relying solely on conventional videos for marketing, you could look at other options. One of the more notable is screen recording, and it is versatile enough that there are several ideas you can use to create marketing videos.

Expert Interviews

Expert interviews are mostly used in content marketing due to the fact that viewers love to watch them and appreciate them greatly. To create them using screen recording, you will want to conduct the interview via a video call and record it from your screen.

As you can imagine creating expert interviews in this fashion is much easier and more convenient. However if you do pursue it further, you should take steps to improve the quality of your video calls so that they look better.

Additionally, the subjects that you choose to interview should be carefully selected as well – based on their reputation, credibility, and following.

Product Demonstrations

A more direct type of marketing video that can be created using screen recording is a product demonstration. In fact, screen recording is arguably the best way to create this type of video when it relates to digital products of any kind.

By using screen recording, you can capture footage of the actual product and show viewers what it can do. That can help sway the decision of potential customers that may be on the fence about making a purchase.

Video Tutorials

Few types of videos are as effective at building awareness as video tutorials. They have a natural appeal due to the fact that they help viewers to learn something useful or solve problems.

The types of video tutorials that you can create using screen recording involve any digital products. Some of the topics they encompass may be how that type of product can solve problems for viewers, how it can be used more effectively, and so on.

As a rule it is best to avoid directly promoting products in video tutorials. That being said, you can build awareness for your products by showing them being used as part of the tutorial – without actually emphasizing them in a promotional manner.

Product Reviews

In some ways, product reviews are similar to product demonstrations, and will involve recording a video that dissects and examines the product in question. However when used for marketing, product reviews are best as unbiased reviews about products that you don’t have a conflict of interest with.

Simply put, you will be using screen recording to capture footage of products that aren’t your own or your direct competitors’. The goal will be to review products that your target audience may find helpful or may be interested in and let them know what its pros and cons are.

Based on the ideas listed above, you should be able to come up with quite a number of topics for marketing videos that you can create using screen recording. On your part, all you need to do is plan the video and then record it using a desktop recorder of some kind.

All in all, you should find it faster, easier, and cheaper to produce marketing videos using screen recording. By taking advantage of it fully, you should be able to get more videos out in front of your target market, and propel your marketing efforts further.

It should be noted that this does not mean you should stop producing conventional videos altogether, but instead a mix of both is best – depending on your budget and what seems feasible.

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