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How to Stand Out at Trade Shows

How to Stand Out at Trade Shows

Trade shows are great for business and just because you are a small business, it doesn’t mean you cannot be seen and heard at these events. Often, big companies have standard stalls and don’t really bother too much to stand out from the crowd. This is where you as a small business can stand out and get people talking. You have to ensure that the money you spend to be at the show and on your stall is worth it, so follow these great tips to stand out at your next trade show.

Talk Up Your Company Beforehand

Starting beforehand will make sure that more customers and potential customers know about your stall. Some people send out email reminders, while others use their social media accounts to ask questions before the show. Some of the simplest ways to get people talking about your stall at the trade show are to ask what the public want, offer some cool free stuff, and make a poll on Twitter to gather people’s opinions.

Give Out Something Different

Nobody wants the same old re-usable bag and a pen. While it can be difficult to think of what exactly to give out at trade shows, standing out from the crowd means providing something different. This also needs to be something useful that customers will use on a daily basis and therefore be constantly reminded of your company. These custom shaped flash drives highlight your specialty, they look cool, and they don’t cost the earth. This is certainly one way to stand out at your next trade show.

Check Out the Competition

Doing your research allows you to stand out and not create a stall similar to any competitors. Look at what they bring to the trade shows and use this as inspiration when creating your own stall. If you are completely unsure of how to set up your own stand and what to bring, check out this great guide to setting up and looking after your booth while at the trade show.

Create a Good Display

Visuals mean a lot, so creating a display that will attract customers is essential. One great way to create a good display is to boast where your product or company has been used. Don’t forget to use your logo and brand name and try to make it unique. You can even hire a designer to help out with stalls if you aren’t too visually creative yourself. Once you have the perfect stand, you can take it to many trade shows, so it is certainly worth investing a bit of time and money into making it the best.

Be Fun

Industry events can be a little boring, so bringing some fun to the place can enable you to stand out. While still taking your company seriously, there are easy ways in which you can make your booth interactive. This can include games, touch screen objects, and competitions. Everyone loves the chance of winning something, so games are an easy way to stay fresh and fun. Here are ten great trade show ideas that you could use.

Make a Video

If talking isn’t your strong suit, or you don’t want to keep babbling the same lines to customers, why not make a great video that can be played on your stall? This shows you have gone the extra mile and will keep your customers informed, especially if you are busy speaking to someone else at the time. This can break up the conversation and keep people interested.

Check out other competitors’ stalls for inspiration and try to be as creative as you can to stand out from the crowd.

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