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3 Aspects That Are Essential for Small Businesses to Establish Trust

3 Aspects That Are Essential for Small Businesses to Establish Trust

I am an entrepreneur of a small business, and I am constantly thinking about what I can do to make my business more receptive to my client’s needs. From my self-reflection, I have come to the conclusion that some of the most vital aspects include building trust with individuals throughout the company’s interaction with them.

As a personal finance start up, Ascend Finance is constantly faced with financial scenarios ranging in difficulty levels. It means that for us to serve our clients and build a lasting relationship expertly, we have to be on our best game as far as how we treat our customers and their problems.

Below are three steps to help enterprises build relationships with their customers that are based on confidence and safety.

Know Your Client

Knowing your client ranks as the most vital aspect if you are to build trust and show your clients that you value them. In my opinion, this is what separates great businesses from mediocre ones.

If making money is your main objective, then you will make bad decisions because your main drive will be to know what makes them tick for financial reasons. If you are dedicated to assisting clients, you will probe deeply into their lives to learn what problems they are facing, what motivates them, and how to come up with solutions to their challenges.

Generate Superior and Suitable Content

After you have learned more about your clients, generating superior content is absolutely essential. By great content, we mean totally unprejudiced content. The first step to creating great content would be creating a blog that has links to your website.

You should have your client’s best interests at heart; therefore, it would be wise to show them the benefits and drawbacks of your solution. For instance, at Ascend, clients get debt relief comparison solutions that keep are clear about the pros and cons of solutions since many clients are at a loss about the best way to get out of debt. We are very cognizant that some companies provide biased content to pitch their idea, so we focus on providing as unbiased content as possible. It’s better to lose the wrong kind of clients than gain them and have them lose confidence in our services when they find out later that they were ill informed.

Be Open

Honesty is everything. Recently, a client shifted to our services after learning that we charged a lower service fee than was accurate. Ascend decided that it would be best to better inform clients regarding service fees, and we incorporated a pricing page at the center and front of our homepage.

An alternative way of driving honesty is by comparing your solutions to another service, for instance, debt settlement versus debt management. By doing this, the client will have all the details at their fingertips before deciding. It is very unprofessional to try to force a client to choose particular services.


As much as trust is essential in any relationship, it is doubly necessary in a client-business relationship. Customers are highly instinctive, and the moment something doesn’t add up with your product, they will know it and will shift their allegiance to a company that will appreciate them. The success I’ve seen at Ascend has brought me to also provide insights through Saved By the Cents, a blog focused on saving people money.

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