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5 Ways that Pets Can Reduce Your Work Stress

5 Ways that Pets Can Reduce Your Work Stress

For people working every day in busy environments, finding ways to relieve stress is essential. Working too hard and spending time in front of a computer can lead to increased anxiety and tiredness, but there is a solution to that problem.

Your dog might be the companion that calms you after a long day at work anyway, but did you know that if you suffer from anxiety, are a veteran, have PTSD, Asperger’s, or autism, then you may be eligible to register them as a support animal? All you need to do is make sure they’re registered, so that they can travel with you and help you destress in any situation, including work trips abroad. You may also be allowed to bring them to the office.

Animals provide companionship and improve mental and physical well-being. If your dog brings this to you, learn how to register them as an ESA so they can offer you assistance at work. Here are five ways in which your service animal could help you while at work.

Relieve Anxiety

Stressful situations happen in every workplace, though some more than others. For those already suffering from anxiety or depression, stressful situations like meetings and work pressure can make things worse. Without regular periods of calm, the mind is more vulnerable to anxious thoughts, and this can often be the case when you work a high-stress job.

Animals have a lot of love to give and engaging with them reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Owning a support or service animal might, therefore, help to relieve a variety of cognitive anxieties if they’re allowed to be present in the office. If you are unsure about anything, seek professional advice to clarify any questions you may have.

Increase Physicality

A vast number of employees spend their working day sitting down, and that sitting time is mostly spent in front of a screen. Intense focus and continual physical stagnancy are, unsurprisingly, bad for human health. It not only slows down cognitive function but can also lead to poor circulation and general unfitness.

Owning a pet can help resolve this. Dogs need regular exercise, so owning one can encourage movement. With a dog, you could be encouraged to fit some extra exercise into your workday on a break or at lunch. This will ensure owners achieve regular and potentially fun exercise.

If a lack of movement is contributing towards poor physical or mental health, then an ESA is something to consider. Not only will owning one lead to less stress, but you’ll get fitter and healthier, which in turn helps you keep a healthy mindset. As a result, you’ll find you will perform better at your job.

Increase Productivity

If you’re suffering at work due to stress overload, getting a dog that can accompany you to work can help provide a solution. Playing with a pet and sharing cuddles can calm the mind. This, along with increased fresh air and time spent away from the screen, will start to increase your productivity.

In a busy workplace, this may help individuals suffering from stress and anxiety to maintain high level, quality work. Having a dog in the workplace will also provide a morale boost to your colleagues!

Provide a Sense of Purpose

Work can, at times, take over life and the fun of living; however, animals and pets can help reinstate a sense of purpose. Pets need looking after and can provide individuals with a focus outside the work sphere.

Having to walk your dog before work will ensure you get up early and that you’re awake and refreshed before you start your job. If you tend to slump at your desk during lunch breaks, having a pup to walk will stop that and will bring up your energy levels. If your job has gotten you into a boring routine and bad habits, an emotional support animal will break the monotony.

Reduce Loneliness

One reason some people get pets is to reduce loneliness. If you live on your own, have a partner who travels, or are frequently isolated from the outside world, a pet can help limit feelings of isolation. This is especially helpful for those who work from home, or whose jobs mean they frequently perform tasks alone.

Animals are wonderful companions and can offer loyal friendship and unconditional love. If you’re lonely at home or during the working day, having an animal companion could be the solution as friendship, even with an animal, can reduce stress by making individuals feel more comfortable and confident.

The Takeaway

If your boss is onboard with it, getting a pet could be the de-stressing solution you (and your whole office!) need. Look into registering your dog as an ESA today and see how it could improve your working life.

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by Lottie Pritchard // Lottie Pritchard is a contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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