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Are Serviced Apartments the Latest Accommodation Trend for Businesspeople?

Are Serviced Apartments the Latest Accommodation Trend for Businesspeople?

While hotels and motels have long been the go-to option for businesspeople, a new type of accommodation seems to be taking over the business world – furnished and serviced apartments for rent. These apartments are now in high demand as more and more business travelers are ditching hotels in favor of these cozy alternatives. Here are several reasons as to why this is happening.

Business Traveler Priorities

Surveys show that around 25% of business travelers stay in several different cities on business trips and 30% do their own accommodation bookings. The main factor that influences their choice of a place to stay is the location, followed by the property quality, cost, and size. Aside from that, many business people opt for a rented apartment because they’re simply fed up with constant traveling and prefer to stay in home-like conditions rather than an expensive and impersonal hotel bedroom.

Good Location

One of the biggest advantages of renting apartments for business trips is their central location. Apartment complexes that are situated near city centers and business districts help businesspeople to go about their daily business quickly and even enjoy some leisure activities.

Comfort of Studios for Rent

The hardest part of frequent business traveling is being away from your family, home, and friends, and feeling homesick can be hard to deal with, especially when you have to focus on work. This is another reason why business travellers no longer favor hotels – they are too uniform and impersonal, which further enhances the feelings of isolation and loneliness.

For this reason, comfortable studios for rent have an advantage because they provide a feeling of hominess after a long day of work. Living in a hotel can be restrictive as you’re mostly limited to one small room. On the other hand, in a rented studio, even if it’s one compact space, you still have cozy furnishings that feel personal and homey as well as the opportunity to befriend other residents in the communal areas of the building.


One of the best things about rented apartments is the fully equipped kitchen as it not only saves you money but also allows you to maintain your healthy eating habits. Business trips can be long and stressful so it can be quite challenging to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Staying in a rented apartment can offer you more space and comfort where you can organize your daily responsibilities and take care of yourself.

Prolonged Stays

One of the most annoying and stressful sides of a business trip is the unexpected extensions. In those situations, as unfortunate as they are, you can reap the most benefits from staying in a serviced apartment rather than in a hotel.

Staying in an apartment means there’s more flexibility regarding the length of your stay as there’s no minimum number of days you need to book. This contrasts with the way hotels require you to book a certain number of days. Additionally, if your colleagues are traveling with you, there’s the possibility of booking several apartments over a longer period so everyone can be accommodated and comfortable.

Financial Benefits

The last but not least important benefit of staying in rented apartments is the financial aspect. Not only do they offer better quality and conditions, but they also cost less. A 2- or 3-bedroom rental flat is comparable in price to one hotel room. In comparison to standard hotels, serviced apartments also provide better value as they prove to be more affordable for over longer lengths of time.

The trend of booking serviced apartments for business travel will probably continue to rise steadily and it’s no wonder when you consider all the benefits there are. Why go to crowded and noisy hotels when you can enjoy a homey, stress-free, and comfy living space from which you can take care of business?

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