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Should You Ever Take Time During Work for Leisure Activities?

Should You Ever Take Time During Work for Leisure Activities?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy… is indeed a true statement, and for a good reason. Productivity is a measure of output based on a given set of inputs. The greater the output, all things being equal, the higher the productivity. Unlike machines which are geared towards non-stop productivity, human factors of production are subject to cyclical productivity levels. With the exception of a few folks, human resources tend to be most productive (highest physical and mental acuity) after a good night’s rest, and lower levels of productivity tend to reflect towards the end of the workday, when fatigue sets in. This begs the question: How can businesses enhance productivity without increasing costs and decreasing motivation?

Making Work Great for Employees is Great for Businesses Too

Businesses have many options at their disposal when it comes to creating a work environment conducive to productive employees. Two extreme approaches are available – autocratic leadership, or participatory leadership. Studies confirm that the most successful companies are oftentimes associated with management styles which encourage participation, working to individual employee strengths, creativity, ingenuity, and productivity. This holistic approach to management tends to yield the most productivity from employees, while simultaneously ensuring the highest levels of employee satisfaction.

Many examples abound of procedures, processes, and frameworks which companies can employ to provide greater autonomy to employees. Some employees prefer flexi-time, while an increasing number of employees are beginning to favor remote work. Those who remain in the office tend to benefit from enjoying a little timeout during the day. Examples include employees who like to make use of the exercise facilities at the office, employees who enjoy playing Juicy Booty by Playtech slot with 5 reels, and employees who simply like to mosey on down to the company cafeteria to go and mingle with fellow employees and clear their heads.

Striving for The Ultimate Work/Life Balance

Studies clearly show that the right work/life balance is essential to success, and employees who don’t adopt these practices soon find themselves burnt out, unproductive, and looking for something better. With so many aspects of daily life and work now inextricably intertwined, it makes sense for individuals to push for a better balance. The fact of the matter is that employees take time out of every day, regardless. However, there shouldn’t be a feeling of guilt associated with needing a little space to clear one’s head, or to just chill out.

Work is stressful – period, which is why the most successful companies in the world – especially those in Silicon Valley – make a point of providing ample leisure time to employees to ensure that they are happy and productive. If productivity is defined as, “The effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input”, then it makes sense to do everything possible to generate the desired output.

A Happy Wife, Happy Life Scenario in the Workplace Too

Indeed, many studies already show that companies want to engage their employees; more productively, they should start incorporating leisure time into the daily schedule. Companies which offer a flexible vacation policy to their employees are showing that they trust their employees and that they want him to be happy. Good employees will recognize this, not take advantage, and put in 100% effort to ensure the company’s continued prosperity.

Naturally, there will be a few bad eggs here and there, and they form part of the natural attrition cycle of any business. Productivity metrics should always remain in place, alongside any well-crafted laissez-faire-style leadership system. Any business which wants to trust employees, reward employees, and generate optimum productivity from employees should naturally loosen the reins a little, while still keeping an eye on the end goal. In marriage, they say, Happy Wife, Happy Life, and there’s no reason not to adopt that same approach in the workplace too.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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