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The Most Common Workplace Injuries and How to Avoid Them

The Most Common Workplace Injuries and How to Avoid Them

There is never a good time to sustain an injury and getting injured at work is something we all want to avoid at all costs. There are many different types of injuries than can happen in the workplace, from simple trips that lead to a minor injury to more serious incidents which put people out of action for a long time. Let’s take a look at the most common injuries that occur in the workplace and some tips to help you avoid them.

Repetitive Strain Injury

If your job requires you to do the same thing over and over again, there is a chance of getting a repetitive strain injury, also known as R.S.I.. This type of injury is common in workplaces like factories or offices where your job involves the same movement of your body repetitively. It could be as simple as a wrist injury from working on a computer all day or a shoulder strain from lifting boxes all day long.

To avoid such injuries, try to take as many breaks as possible and try not to over work the same muscle groups repetitively. This can be difficult but even just changing the hand or arm you are using to the other side, or changing your body position can help with this. If you sustain this type of injury make sure you try and rest the muscle groups that are hurting to help them recover.

Slips Trips or Falls

If your job requires you to be active, there is always a chance that you may slip, trip, or fall over because of the work you are undertaking. Some accidents can be so serious that you may need to make a work accident compensation claim against your employer, but you should try to avoid this scenario unless there is no other option.

Should you have an accident like this at work, it is important that you tell your line manager and make sure you fill out a work accident book. This is very important should the accident cause you any more serious problems later down the line, as you would have then followed the correct procedures and have proof of the accident,

Car Accident

If your job involves driving a motor vehicle then there is always a chance of being involved in a car collision. To avoid this, make sure, before ever driving a work car or van, that you are properly insured with the vehicle through your workplace. It is a very easy mistake to just assume you are covered by an insurance company and are able to drive a work vehicle, but this is not always the case.

Should you be in a car accident at work, then follow the normal procedures you would if you had an accident in your own car. Make sure you take pictures of any damage caused, swap insurance details, and, if needed, get witness details from those who may have seen the accident.

Injury from Falling Object

If you work on a building site or a busy factory, injury from a falling object could happen. To best avoid this, make sure you always wear the protective clothing your employers give to you, especially hard hats if they are required at your workplace.

Head injuries can be the most dangerous type of work injury anyone could get. For example, something might fall from above and hit you on your head and you may think you’re absolutely fine and can shake it off but there is always a chance of concussion. Should you ever have a head injury at work, you must seek medical attention as soon as possible to rule out any serious injury or a concussion.


Although this type of work injury is rare, amputations can happen if you work in a warehouse or factory using dangerous equipment.

In order to protect yourself from this type of injury, make sure that you are properly trained when using equipment that if anything went wrong, could cause you serious harm and lead to an amputation. If you do not feel confident with using such equipment, even after you have been trained on them, do not keep quiet, you must speak up and tell your line manager. Further training should be given to you to help you become more confident.

Following all the correct procedures and rules when working with heavy, dangerous machinery is important not only for your safety, but it will also make making a compensation claim a lot easier if you have followed the rules set out for you. For example, if you are working on a machine where safety clothing is needed, but you did not follow that rule while sustaining an injury, the blame could be put on yourself for not following your training procedures. So, it’s always better to follow all the rules to keep you safe and to cover yourself should things go sour.

To Summarize

Most workplaces have some element of danger associated with them, be it from minor injuries to more serious life changing events, but by making sure you undertake all training and health and safety procedures before starting any work you should rest assured that you minimize the risks as much as possible.

If or when you have a workplace injury, it’s important to tell your manager or supervisor immediately what has happened. Also make sure you write down as much information on the event in the injury work logbook. The more details the better so if over time the injury becomes worse, the details of the accident will be clear and in writing.

For the more serious workplace injuries make sure you explore all your options, keep an open mind, and speak with your employer. Should further action be needed then look into making an accident at work compensation claim. There are many companies that will pursue this for you, with many only taking a fee if you win.

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