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BM Windows in San Diego: Ethical Sales and Marketing Plus Consumer Education Give a Small Business an Authentic Advantage

BM Windows in San Diego: Ethical Sales and Marketing Plus Consumer Education Give a Small Business an Authentic Advantage

Family-owned B.M. Windows rises above competition with a sales, marketing and service approach customers trust.

Michal Bohm, owner of B.M. Windows in San Diego, talks to us about social media challenges, marketing opportunities and the connection between ethics and longevity for small businesses.

Michal notes that the company gains most of its customers through referrals because B.M. Windows listens to homeowners and never tries to “hard sell” them.  At the same time, as the family-owned company continues to grow, marketing becomes an increasingly important part of maintaining small business success now and for the future.

What kinds of marketing strategies do you use to set B.M. Windows apart from other replacement window companies in your area?

Our company website is an important marketing tool for our business.  When we started the B.M. Windows website, the focus was to educate our customers, so our website is full of useful tips and hints on choosing the right replacement windows or doors. With the website, we also explain the terminology and industry standards so homeowners understand what they are hearing and reading and they can make the best decisions for their homes.

It’s working.  We are getting a lot of calls because of the B.M Windows website.

How would you describe your sales approach?

When we get the opportunity to provide a consultation to a homeowner, we focus on helping them to choose the correct product for their home and we use upfront pricing. You will not find any “sales” or “70% OFF” in our company.

Our pricing is fair and clear and never uses gimmicks.  We believe that our job is to educate our customers and to help our customers to choose the right windows and doors for their homes.

Does your sales approach stand out in your industry?

Unfortunately most of the companies, especially the big box stores, are focused on making a sale at any cost.  For a lot of our competitors, the drive to close the deal is far more important to them than what is in the customer’s best interest.

We believe that customers should not be pushed to do something that is not entirely in their best interest.  At B.M. Windows we are not just trying to make the sale, no matter what.  We are trying to educate and help homeowners. We basically educate the homeowner, show all the options and then offer our price.  Nothing less, nothing more.

And we let the customers decide if they want to use our company or not.

For many small businesses, particularly those just starting out, social media is an important part of marketing.  What advice do you have for small business owners about social media, the opportunities and the potential challenges?

Social media is, no doubt, an important part of an overall business model for a small business.  However, social media does need to be accompanied by a very good website.  Most people use social media to find your company, but if you have a website that is weak or not helpful, the customer who found you on social media might never make the phone call to you.

Social media is very time consuming.  If you want to focus your business on social media you have to really pay attention and spend a lot of time doing it right.

What guiding principles help you in day-to-day business operations?

Our principles are very simple. We are always honest with our customers. We communicate very well. We offer simple pricing. We are always on our customer’s side.

I learned, from my grandfather, a very simple motto: “Whatever you can do today, do not put it off for tomorrow.”  This advice has helped me throughout my life and my business.

How do these principles connect to your overall mission and your longevity?

B.M. Windows is a family owned and family operated business.  We are San Diego-based and our ties to the city and community are as close as can be.  Our company is trying to not just run a business, but to make our business a part of this town.

We use our knowledge and skills to make San Diego a better place to live.  And we are planning to stay in business for as long as San Diego is in need of windows and doors.

What three pieces of advice would you give to a new business owner?

  1. Plan and calculate ahead.
  2. Be upfront and honest with your customers.
  3. Take reasonable risks.

For Michal Bohm this advice is proving successful.  Not only is B.M. Windows a thriving business, it is respected by its customers and the community.

Learn more about BM Windows and their replacement window and door products for San Diego homeowners.

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