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How Access Control Technologies Are Keeping Business Safe

How Access Control Technologies Are Keeping Business Safe

There’s no denying that the security of confidential information, assets, and employees is one of the biggest concerns for businesses of all sizes and types. Now, security isn’t just about installing software systems for protecting the financial and sensitive details of the company. It also includes access control: the comprehensive protection of the entrance and exit, while making it easy for your employees and guests to come and go as they please.

Let’s take a look at some of the top access control technologies and how they’re helping to keep businesses safe.

Access Control System

Handing the office keys to each employee and all staff members is not the most secure or reliable system for access control. Gone are the days when companies used key-and-lock entrance systems. And while it isn’t a bad option for small businesses, this traditional method doesn’t work for medium and large corporations.

Losing or misplacing the keys is not uncommon, not to mention that keys can be duplicated. Such conventional entrance and exit options put your business at high risk of security breaches, but a technology-based access control system minimizes the risk of security issues.

Technology-based access control systems can include:

·        Biometric scanners

·        Security alarms

·        Key cards

·        CCTV surveillance systems

·        Pin codes

Essentially, these security tools allow certain members of your staff or other authorized individuals to access a specific area within your organization. They are mainly used to protect sensitive information and valuable assets from intruders by restricting the entry of unauthorized users.

Let’s dive deeper into how it guarantees the safety of your business.

Protects the Sensitive Data

Your employees’ personal information, your business’ financial and confidential data, and other sensitive details are saved on your company-owned servers. This being said, it is important to restrict employees’ and third-party access to these servers and the sensitive data they contain. Effective access control technologies can help you to do just that.

Key cards are designed to enable employees and business associates to access computers, software, and other tools that hold confidential information of the company. This will help you approve or deny an individual’s request to accessing specific computers or applications.

The best part is that you don’t have to install any special software solution to protect the company’s financial database. Rather, the access control system takes care of all of this, keeping confidential data safe from unauthorized users. Similarly, this modern technology prevents malicious third-parties and hackers from getting access to confidential data as well as your security systems.

Track Entries and Exits

One of the main advantages of a high-tech access control system is that it allows managers and supervisors to track employees’ entry and exit times. With this security system in place, it is easier for your company’s security team to know who enters and leaves the workplace at what time.

Some access control systems make it possible to implement a lock-down in emergency situations. If you suspect a security breach, you can use the access control system to restrict movements across the building and the surveillance system can be used to catch the intruder who accessed the restricted locations.

Say Goodbye to the Key and Lock System

If you have a large company, you may have areas on site that house sensitive business data and some valuable assets. Now, you need individual keys for each room to restrict the employee’s entry. It isn’t a big issue for small businesses; however, if you operate a large site, you will need multiple locks for restricted areas.

If you implement the traditional key and lock system, the amount of keys required for a large site can quickly become unworkable. Furthermore, there is always a risk of staff losing the keys or keys being stolen. Access control technology streamlines security operations as it enables authorized users to enter and exit the restricted areas without having to carry a bulky key ring.

Safe Work Environments

Access control systems are also used to promote workplace safety in case of an emergency. If a building catches fire, the doors will open automatically, allowing people to exit the building quickly. The key-lock system, on the other hand, is not the safest option. Every moment counts when it comes to an emergency situation, and in an emergency, you will not have time to try different keys to unlock the exit. A high-tech access control system can even unlock the door when there is a power cut.

Access control systems allow authorized users to access particular areas in a building without any issues, while keeping others out. This modern security system is a must for companies that have multiple restricted areas as installing the latest in modern access control technology will ensure the safety of your employees and protect your assets.

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