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The Commonplace Mishaps at Construction Sites – Getting Help If You Get Hurt

The Commonplace Mishaps at Construction Sites – Getting Help If You Get Hurt

Getting injured at a construction site can be a painful and life-altering occurrence, and even with the necessary precautions that are required by law, it is probable that you may come across an accident.

Not only can it be an emotional and psychological strain, but it may also result in extreme financial constraints for the injured person. You see, with most accidents, you have to deal with medical bills, the healing period, the time taken off from work, and the stress of providing for your family, especially if you happen to be the breadwinner.

Thus, if you have suffered from an injury at a construction site, it’s best to look for a licensed construction site accident attorney and to know of the common types of construction accidents that can take place.

Construction workers work with heavy equipment, handle hazardous materials, work at great heights, and even do risky jobs. So, getting hurt despite precautions is probable. Read on to find out about the mishaps that do tend to cause injury around construction sites.

Falls and Slips

The most common injury that makes up 35% of harm caused at construction sites is falling from heights. The slightest negligence or even one foot in the wrong direction could result in wounds from a considerable fall whether it be from falling off of scaffolding, rooftops, or skyscrapers. Moreover, if materials and tools are left lying around, or the floors of the workspace is slippery, then the worker can end up slipping and getting hurt.

Falling Debris

Tools, pieces of scaffolding, or building material can all result in serious injury, especially if it falls on a worker from a height. Even with head covers, damage can be substantial if the material that falls is weighty, or the height that it fell from is extensive.


On a construction site, exposed wiring, unfinished electrical systems, or even downed power lines are hazards that may cause harm to workers if precautions are not in place. There are always chances of freak accidents, particularly in places with more rainfall. In such cases, there is a cause for major caution when handling electrical equipment.


Construction workers are known for working long hours, exposed to the elements– especially heat. This means that dehydration, heat stroke, or even fainting are frequent happenings in construction areas. Sometimes, workers end up getting hurt due to a lack of rest.

There are many more accidents that can happen on or around construction sites. Getting hit by a vehicle, explosion or burns, ground collapse, and machinery accidents are just some of the many things that do take place.

If you are hurt on a construction site, in any way, then you may want to seek compensation. The ideal way is to seek advice from family or friends, and also get in touch with an attorney in the specialized field, like a Gainesville Construction Lawyer.

In Conclusion

“Precaution is better than cure,” is advice that is advantageous for all; however, if you do end up getting injured at a construction site through no fault of your own, it is smart to seek compensation for your injuries. You can do a bit of research on the net to help you out, but always make it a point to meet the lawyer in person before you sign any legal paperwork.

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