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How to Find Inspiration

How to Find Inspiration

When it comes to planning your wedding, before you can even begin, you have to have some idea of how you picture your big day. Are you looking for something unique to your own personality or are you envisioning something more traditional? Finding the inspiration to create what you see in your mind’s eye requires a little bit of legwork on your part.

Be Your Own Guide

Before scrolling the internet and hoping something jumps out at you and gives you the epiphany moment you may think you’re looking for, have a look at the things around you first. Your home is a reflection of you; it houses the things that have sentimental value, your choices of colors and style. Let your wedding inspiration come from the things you surround yourself with that are innately you.

If you were envisioning a wedding day of crisp, clean, chrome accents, but your home is decorated in bright, contrasting colors and unique focal points, your day will not be representative of your personality or the way that you express yourself. Pay attention to how you’ve decorated your home; what textures comfort you, the overall feel there will give you an idea of where to begin.

Tweak Trends

Acquaint yourself with some of the latest trends. That’s not to say you should imitate them, because that’s not you either. Instead, create your own style by drawing from several different sources and then put your own stamp on it. Check out various blogs and social media posts, pay attention to shop windows you pass, and get a feel for how you can incorporate those textures into your own masterpiece.

Keep in mind, when you open your eyes to everything you see but never noticed before, you are allowing yourself that ah-ha moment–that spark of creativity that hits you out of the blue, and makes your mind explore options you never considered before. This is exactly what you want to happen so you can move forward and put your ideas into motion.

Visualizing Your Venue

When choosing where to hold the post-wedding festivities, you may be faced with an overwhelming amount of advice about how to decorate the space. Although you shouldn’t completely discount the advice being offered, try to see the space as a blank canvas awaiting your artistic flair.

You can put your creative ideas into play by using some more nontraditional twists to traditional decorating approaches. Don’t be afraid to play with the lighting. It’s easy to underestimate the transformation effect more lighting can have. Don’t be afraid to own the space. You can bring a fun yet unexpected elegance to your setting simply by adding draped strings of lights.

That said, don’t stop at draping lights! The possibilities are endless. Adding sashes of draped fabric can completely change the atmosphere of the room. Not only will it add warmth and softness, but it also makes your space feel more intimate. Different colors and textures influence the overall feel of the area. Different colors elicit different emotions. You can complement an elegant theme by using light, pastel-colored sashes or you can add a flair of fun by incorporating bright, bold colors.

Having flowers and/or floral arrangements at your wedding is a given, but you can take a different approach than just setting them on the tables. Consider how unique your tables would look if you had long, flowing flowers suspended from above the tables!

You can also consider chalkboard signage as handwritten messages always add a personal touch. If you framed them with wood scraps you could paint them to match your decor. Add draped flowers for a finished and elegant look.

Creating a wedding that is uniquely you doesn’t have to blow your budget or stress you out. In fact, putting your personal stamp on such an important special day can be fun and exciting.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

Opinions expressed by contributors are their own.