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How to Choose the Best Link Building Agency

How to Choose the Best Link Building Agency

Although link building can be done without hiring an agency, that doesn’t always guarantee great results. A professional link building agency certainly has a staff of more experienced and skilled link builders than you who can help to take your SEO to the next level. However, picking the right SEO Company in London is not easy. Today, we teach you how to choose a legit link building service to work with. A great link building agency should portray the following characteristics.

Great Communication

A professional link building agency should regularly get in touch with updates about the progress of your link building project. The agency must also quickly answer your questions when there’s an issue and ensure that it is quickly sorted out. Additionally, an agency that knows what it’s doing should not wait for you to miraculously know what it needs. Instead, it should inform you what to provide to keep the project going. If the agency does not have excellent communication, then it could be hiding something from you, which brings us to the next point.


Gone are days of link building agencies hiding their tactics. All strategies are the same nowadays; what differs is the execution. So, an agency should tell you how it will handle your link building campaign. If you ask a company how it does its link building, and you sense some hesitation, walk away. The company might be using black hat link building practices, thus the secrecy. Hiring such an agency only does more harm than good because it puts you at risk of being badly penalized by Google, hence negatively affecting your search engine optimization.


Alignment is another major factor to consider while looking for a link building service. A professional company ensures its strategies match your SEO goals to guarantee excellent results. Therefore, the company should tell you how its techniques will help you build high-quality links, rank higher on SERPs, and gain more website authority.


Nobody wants to work with a company that’s never accountable to its messes. You obviously don’t want to hire a link building agency that’s careless with its clients’ campaigns, but things happen. Therefore, a professional agency should inform you when things are not going as expected and also provide a solution to ensure you still achieve your SEO goals.


Although rare, you might find some agencies that offer their link building services to companies in any industry. However, you will likely come across companies that major in one niche. It is always advisable that you hire an agency in your niche because it has the right connections and experience to help you get relevant and quality links. Finding an SEO company in London is tricky nowadays, but it does not have to be. This article highlights what the best agency looks like. So, use it as a guide to help find the most suitable link building service for your business.

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