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3 Tips for Protecting Your Digital Business

3 Tips for Protecting Your Digital Business

Your digital business can be started via your own website, or you can create it on another platform. However, no matter your business structure, the process to achieve success in business is always the same; provide a quality good or service for a fair fee and fix the failures quickly.

Keep Your Platform Content Clean

Your digital business may have a large presence on social media or other similar platforms. As these expand, you may decide to set up your own website to further customize your marketing. When you do this, your ultimate needs may change.

Whether you run your digital business off of a larger platform or strike out on your own, your business security, and the safety of your client data is critical. Take care to put the best patch management software on the machines that run your business. One security glitch, particularly in the early stages of your brand-building process, can cost you a lot of credibility.

Keep your payment collection process as simple as possible in the early stages. If you’re on a standardized platform, your payment collection process may be limited to the platform requirement. Maintain this relationship until you’re certain you want a website. You may get offers from vendors offering you the latest payment portal once you have a website but stick with known entities and processes.

Be willing to upgrade your digital tools as they age. Again, the security of your client data is crucial. So, your investment in more secure, faster tools with better inherent quality can do a lot to protect your reputation.

Monitor Complaints and Document Fixes

No matter how careful you are with products, services, marketing, and delivery, problems will crop up. It’s the nature of humans to make mistakes. When this happens, do your best to make sure that bad news about your business is quickly captured, responded to, acted on, and resolved.

The days of making deals with a handshake are long gone. Your digital business will need multiple good reviews to get over a bad one. So, strive to keep a log of both positive comments and unhappy ones to keep your selling process rolling.

If you don’t have a social media manager in the early stages, be prepared to watch for alerts and strive to respond within sixty minutes of the complaint. If you can’t provide a full response, let the customer know that you’re working on it and give them a window of when they can expect a resolution. Beat that window!

Finally, if things get contentious, do your best to take the conversation offline or at least off-display. If you’ve ever heard a group of high school students start the chant of “fight, fight, fight!” when one child takes a swing at another, people’s eyes are drawn to the fight. In the same way, a social media brawl can draw a lot of looks and comments. Do your best to avoid becoming part of a “bar-room brawl.”

Stay Focused

The key to a providing a quality digital business experience to the client, is care and attention from start to finish. Anyone running a digital business has to stay focused on how to protect their clients during that process.

Entrepreneurial thinkers are, by nature, creative and expansive. Before you launch a digital business, be ready to explore all the avenues so you can keep yourself engaged with your clients to make them feel cared for. If you lose focus, your business may fall too far for you to bring it back to health.

Your digital business could be the gateway to the ultimate freedom: making enough to live on doing what you love from anywhere you want to be. This type of freedom takes serious work and may start slow, so be willing to put in the time it will take to get your digital business rolling. Customer care and support are critical, from the first contact to the final sale or service.

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by Sheryl Wright // Sheryl Wright is a freelance writer whose passions include cooking, interior design, and true crime novels. If she is not at home reading, she is at a farmers market or antique shop. She currently lives in Nashville, TN, with her cat, Saturn.

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