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Top 10 Digital Advertising Tips for Your Marketing Strategy

Top 10 Digital Advertising Tips for Your Marketing Strategy

Is digital marketing alien to you? If you just responded with a resounding yes, you’re already miles behind the competition. Digital marketing today forms a crucial part of all business strategies. It’s foolish to ignore its importance, and if you wish to stand out and race ahead, it’s time for you to incorporate some priceless digital marketing methods into your marketing strategy. Thankfully, we have got you covered with ten winning digital advertising tips listed below.

Know Where to Advertise

You wouldn’t put a billboard for a haute couture brand in a relatively crowded street food market, would you? Similarly, on the internet, you have to choose the right place to advertise your products.

If you have a well-known product that is significantly in demand most of the time, using a platform like Google Ads is wise. However, for lesser-known and newly released products, promotion through social media platforms seems to work best.

Social Media Drives the Boat

We talked about social media’s importance in promoting new products in the previous point. However, it’s not just new brands and products that can leverage social media.

Whether you look at centuries-old fashion and wine brands or brand new tech companies, social media is where the money is. Because people spend a lot of their time on social websites, it only makes sense for your brand to get noticed there. So if you haven’t, get your brand a cold social media handle today.

Do not Underestimate the Mobile Phone

How many times do you find yourself on your desktops just for leisure? Rarely, right? The same is true for your customers. People spend more time online on their phones than their laptops or desktops.

For a winning digital marketing strategy, a strong mobile presence is non-negotiable. Have a mobile-friendly website for your brand, no matter the product. You’ll surely gain plenty if you manage to become mobile-first in your digital strategy.

Be Relevant, Always

It’s easy to stick to slogans and images that are trademarks of your brand, but your relevance online depends on how actively you keep track of trends. Both big and small brands tend to make statements whenever a trend arises.

If you want to get ahead of your competitors, use every social media trend and the latest news to further your brand’s vision, motivation, or products. Design new slogans, new graphics, or a humble yet powerful blog. Make trends your new digital marketing tools, and your brand will thank you.

Email Marketing for the Win

Email might sound ages old, but it’s really not. Nothing matches its formality and brilliance even today.

If you wish for your brand to appear more trustworthy, reach out to your customers using email. Create a list from scratch, or buy one, but start sending out advertising emails ASAP.

CTAs Help

Calls to Action are short phrases or slogans that ask your audience to directly subscribe to buy. Sounds crass? It is not.

The effect of direct messaging tends to be far more substantial than subtle hints. If your content backing the CTA is compelling, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your customers to act.

Track and Track

With a billboard or a magazine ad, you don’t know how many people have seen it or responded positively to it, but with a digital ad, knowing both of these is possible.

Digital marketing’s best feature lies in its analytics. Make sure you use a range of analytics to track your digital ads all the time. That way, you’ll know what to pull and what to keep, saving money and time.

Target the Right People

What if you produce a product meant only for adults, but your ad is somehow reaching children too?

This happens plenty of times with brands that forget to target their digital ads. Whenever you produce an ad, make sure it reaches only the right group, at the right place, and through the right source.

Use Data Wisely

Even in digital marketing, data-driven marketing is gaining momentum. It tells you exactly what your leads do and want and lets you make wiser marketing decisions.

Invest in good-quality big data for your marketing team. This data will improve the performance of your campaigns and help you close the right leads much faster. Never underestimate the power of facts, which is what data-driven marketing is all about.

Go for Automation

With digital marketing, automation shouldn’t be an option but a necessity for you. The more effectively you automate your campaigns, the less time and money you’ll spend on them.

Go for excellent automation software for all your digital marketing channels, and automate ad production as much as possible. Doing this will also ensure quicker reach.


Even as you explore these digital marketing tips, taking expert help will move you further ahead. If in Australia, instead of managing everything in-house, hire a digital marketing agency Australia for stunning results. And let us know if you think we’ve missed other important digital marketing tips in the comments below!

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by Dirk DeBie // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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