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Top Ways to Care for the Health and Wellbeing of Your Employees

Top Ways to Care for the Health and Wellbeing of Your Employees

As an employer, your primary focus may be on increasing profits, expanding your brand, and improving product or service quality. And while all these focus areas are essential, you should also prioritize your employees’ health and well-being as they are the staples holding your business together.

You can look forward to various notable benefits when caring for your team’s health, from improved productivity to less time off work and everything in between. These are the best ways to care for the health and well-being of your employees.

Provide Clinic Care Solutions

Clinic care solutions usually include occupational medicines, programs that determine if employees are fit for duty, third-party administration, drug testing, and alcohol tests. Clinic solutions aim to ensure employees are in the right state of health to perform their job duties. While factors such as drug and alcohol testing may initially seem like an optional extra, especially if you have not yet noted any odd behaviors from your employees, drug and alcohol problems can be a massive issue for an employee and a business. By regularly testing employees, you will be able to provide them with essential recovery assistance that they may not otherwise have access to. Clinical care solutions will help you keep your employees’ health and wellness in check.

Opt for a Wellness Program

There are tons of employee wellness programs out there that will only cost your business a small monthly fee. These programs focus on enhancing health and wellness through exciting and encouraging challenges that will boost overall health. Challenges can include exercise challenges and provide employees with rewards. It is best to assess the details of a wellness program before opting for just any plan, as you should search for one that is most suitable for your business and your employees.

Provide Clean Drinking Water

Most businesses provide their employees with tea and coffee as a standard practice. However, you should invest a little more in your employee’s health and provide clean drinking water. Installing water filtration is a small price to pay to keep your team hydrated and healthy throughout the day. When considering that the early signs of dehydration are headaches, fatigue, lack of ability to focus, and irritability, providing clean drinking water will benefit productivity. While there is no reason to remove coffee and tea from your canteen area, you should include filtered water at various points throughout the workplace to make it as accessible as possible.

Provide Healthcare Benefits

Including a few healthcare benefits in your employee’s salaries will do more than boost loyalty because they know their health and wellness is a priority. Your employees will be able to visit the doctor when they need to if you include medical insurance or pay a part of the total deductible as part of their income. You can also consider including other health-related benefits such as disability insurance, life insurance, or opt for an income protection policy for your employees. These policies will also instill a sense of income security as your employees will have the tools to care for their health.

Provide Enough Time Off Work

Overworked employees cannot function at their best as the symptoms of burnout can be extreme and unfortunate. Helping your employees create a suitable work-life balance is vital as overworking employees will lower loyalty, engagement, and overall productivity. Instead of insisting your staff must work on weekends, you should make this an optional decision that comes with a reward for the extra hours. You could also allow your employees to take time off work for family emergencies and other instances when they are not sick but cannot give work hours their full attention. A favorable work-life balance is excellent for enhancing employee engagement as well, so the decision will offer its own lengthy list of great benefits for your business.

Provide Optional Therapy

Depending on the type of clinical solutions you opt for, therapy may be an included service. Therapy for your employees should not be seen as a means to miss working hours, but rather let your employees know that their emotional state is cared for, so they will consider the workplace a safe place. Emotional health can have a massive toll on physical health as a general standard, so you should include therapy as an extra benefit for employees.

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