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Understanding Healthcare Sanctions

Understanding Healthcare Sanctions

When working in the healthcare field, confidentiality and ethical behavior is a must. A healthcare sanctions check enables you to determine if there is any reason a candidate should not be considered for a position due to previous bad behaviors or unethical acts. Healthcare sanctions are used to let employers know that there have been instances in the past where a candidate may have overstepped boundaries or acted in such a way that harmed others.

Common Healthcare Sanctions

Common healthcare sanctions include abuse of a parent or a child, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, or any felony conviction that has to do with recreational or prescription medications. There are many other specific, lesser charges that fall under these categories that can also result in healthcare sanctions. Understanding why these types of activities are sanctioned is important. Protecting client and provider information is essential in this type of industry. The ethical ramifications of having someone on staff who has been sanctioned could be devastating for the company.

Reasons to Perform a Healthcare Sanctions Check

There are several reasons for performing a healthcare sanctions check. First and foremost is the integrity of your company’s reputation. When it comes to the health and medical field, it is essential that every worker and affiliate have a reputation that is beyond reproach. Patients rely on healthcare employees to keep them healthy and to do what is required to keep their information secure. This means that those people need to be free of any red flags or sanctions when they are hired as part of a healthcare team.

The Downfall of Abuse and Neglect Charges

Abuse and neglect of a dependent, whether it is unintentional or not, can lead to questions concerning a person’s behavior as well as their ethics and overall character. If you run a healthcare sanctions check and abuse or neglect of a dependent is found, there are several questions you must ask yourself. Even if a person is found innocent after a thorough investigation, the stigma attached to the case may make it impossible for a person to work within the healthcare field without facing some type of long-term repercussion.  The final decision is up to you, but all factors must be carefully weighed.

Understanding the Impact of Fraud

When it comes to fraud in the health and medical fields, the ramifications can be extensive. Fraud can take many forms. Misrepresenting one’s credentials is common and may lead to jail time if the accusations can be proven and are severe enough for criminal charges to be pressed. Over-billing Medicare and Medicaid are also quite common. These types of fraud, when proven, can put your company at high risk for an investigation if you hire someone who has a conviction on their record.

Taking Advantage of the Benefits of a Healthcare Sanctions Check

There are several benefits to performing healthcare sanctions check. Not only does it keep your company’s reputation and integrity intact, it gives you the peace of mind you need knowing that you have a workforce that is above reproach. A healthcare sanctions check is well worth the cost when it comes to learning as much about your future employees as possible. You are able to make an informed decision that you can live with.

The healthcare sanctions checks provide you with a wealth of valuable information. Once you receive the sanctions check, it is up to you to use the information you receive to its fullest advantage. Take the time to look it over and ask questions if you have them. It is up to you to make the decisions that are best for your company.

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