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Why Employee Satisfaction Is Important In Business

Why Employee Satisfaction Is Important In Business

When you own and manage a business, one of the most important internal goals that you should have is to achieve a high employee satisfaction rate. But, to achieve this, you ought to know too that it goes beyond just giving their proper wages. You’ve also got to give your employees what’s due them in terms of benefits, perks, and other motivational gifts.

When you come to think of it, investing in your employees really isn’t a bad idea. Remember that they’re the driving force of your business, so it’s just but fitting for you to give them the love and appreciation that they deserve.

If you’re not yet convinced about the merits of employee satisfaction, this article gives you some of the compelling reasons why employee satisfaction should be of utmost importance.

It May Result In Higher Productivity

When employees are happy and satisfied, they’ll have a greater inclination to do more for your business. There’s always that strong and direct relationship between job satisfaction and higher productivity.

Going even deeper, the good news with this increase in productivity is that it doesn’t only mean the productivity of one employee per se, but entire departments.

For instance, when employees do more for the organization because they’re very productive, this means that customer satisfaction is also great. That’s because every single department in your team works together for that unified goal of doing more in a day of work. When this is achieved, your aptitude to have satisfied customers also increases because your business is able to deliver more quality results.

In light of this discussion on productivity, there are two foolproof ways to ensure that your employees are satisfied, and that their productivity improves:

  • Setting up their very own lounge or breakroom where employees can feel free to relax during their break hours from work
  • Providing them with regular training, at the company’s expense, to improve their set of skills and knowledge
  • What is sharepoint Intranet? Providing them with the right tools to improve their overall function and communication, like an Intranet and other software

It Results In Lower Turnover

Employee turnover refers to the rate at which your business is constantly changing employees. High turnover means that you’ve got a lot of employees regularly leaving, hence the need for you also to keep hiring.

Unfortunately for your business, high employee turnover rates can lead to excessive costs for your HR department. Remember that hiring and onboarding are very costly processes. So, it’s cheaper to take good care of employees than to have to hire new ones regularly.

Plus, it also disrupts the flow of work when you’re constantly dealing with new hires. It’ll take time for them to get used to their job functions, and it can be frustrating to have to deal with training a new batch regularly.

To remedy this, focus on keeping your employees satisfied with their job posts. When employees are happy where they are, then obviously they’re not going to leave your team. They’ll value the stability that they have with your organization.

It Reduces Absenteeism

It’s not just the physical health of employees that should be given importance. It’s also necessary to give value to their holistic health. This means taking good care of your employees’ mental and emotional well-being.

Unfortunately, when employees have to drag themselves to work because they’re unhappy, this can take a toll on their mental health. They begin to lose interest in what they’re doing, and many might even start to take more advantage of the vacation and sick leaves just to take the day off. When it goes beyond the paid leaves they’re entitled to, unhappy employees won’t even mind not being paid for a day that they’re absent.

This is bad for any business. When absenteeism rates are high, the operational side of your business will suffer. There’s going to be a lot of backlogs and unfinished tasks.

Hence the need to keep your employees satisfied. When they are, reporting to work won’t have to feel like a chore. In fact, they’re going to enjoy and value every single working day, even if it means sometimes doing long, extra hours.

It Results in Increased Profits

When employees are satisfied, they do more for the business. When they do more than what’s expected of them, your organization also functions better and more smoothly. In effect, customers are happier. And, like a domino effect, you’d know that happy employees mean good sales.

So, it really is a win-win situation. Working hard to keep your employees satisfied doesn’t just end up being beneficial for them, but it goes back to your organization too. It’s like an investment for increased profit potential.


Job satisfaction refers to your employees’ overall perception of how well their job provides them with the things that they identify as important. In fact, this should be one of the top priority goals of any business, to ensure that their employees stay happy being a part of your team. The benefits above should be more than enough to convince you of this pressing need. As you aim to improve your organization now that another business quarter is about to unfold, employee satisfaction should now make it on top of your list of priorities.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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