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MoovOne: Transforming Companies by Edifying the Employees

MoovOne: Transforming Companies by Edifying the Employees

Leadership is the primary trait required in an executive manager to maintain efficient processes in the company as a whole. Sometimes, people have leadership skills naturally, while others might need insight and training to explore their inner potentials.

About MoovOne

MoovOne was promulgated in Paris in 2015 and had its headquarters in the European Union. It is a digital executive coaching platform that currently employs five hundred professional coaches who educate in thirty languages and operate globally.

They work in collaboration with Human Resources and Transformation Departments, intending to develop executives who can supervise their subordinates in a close-knit fashion.

Principles of MoovOne

It has a group of five principles to achieve the objectives of executive coaching via unparalleled pedagogical coaching methods. The MoovOne coaches guide a set of managers and employees via online approaches as per their convenience of time and place.

Change Management: Every action is bound to receive different behavioral responses. MoovOne planned to convert dissonance to resonance by generating collective intelligence. Round table discussions are organized for participants to discuss the cause and effects of a particular issue and talk openly to arrive at a common notion after reasonable debates and dialogue.

Developing talent and leadership: Execution of this principle requires individuals to predefine behavioral areas that need support so that MoovOne professionals can focus precisely and offer flexibility to participants.

Managerial transformations: This technique is based on the DISC personality assessment tool and recognizes the triad of the manager’s role as a pilot, leader, and coach of the company.

An overall development that envisions future lines and empowers team members is the goal of this module.

Diversity and inclusion: The motive behind this principle is to improve gender distribution in the corporate sector and result in the generation of a culturally diverse and inclusive environment for all. Thus, seeding zones of equality and justice.

Career and Mobility: The digitally equipped platform utilizes the best techniques to provide counseling in non-linear careers with adaptable strategies.

Programs Offered by MoovOne

MoovOne has designed three programs that are constantly updated by moderators as per the needs of the HR team. All are three-step development strategies with specific intentions.

Talent program: A professionally proactive environment that leverages uphill growth has more chances of having loyal employees. It offers collective and personalized coaching to educate about the tricks of retaining and mentoring talents of today.

Hybrid management: It focuses on fostering cohesion between members to develop a friendly environment where people of different age groups, societies, and mindsets have the freedom to consult colleagues in a culturally diverse environment on topics of importance.

Women’s leadership: It is a customized program to uplift women and encourage an inclusive environment that respects individuality and works accordingly.

MoovOne has collaborated with multi-million dollar companies, namely Saint Gobain, Loreal, Roche, Nexans, and many more. Their positive testimonies demonstrate the life-changing contributions MoovOne has made on respective managerial teams.

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