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Key Benefits of Using SMS Marketing in Your Business

Key Benefits of Using SMS Marketing in Your Business

After a potentially rocky last year or so due to a global pandemic, election, and other uncertainty, you may have found that your business sales have been lacking or that you’re not getting the growth you hoped for. If so, it’s time to gear up your marketing efforts.

Digital strategies are more popular and helpful than ever. In particular, if you haven’t already tried sending current and potential customers text messages, this is a marketing idea worth trying. There are numerous benefits to be enjoyed from using SMS marketing in your business.

Immediate and Direct

One of the top reasons to consider text message marketing is that it’s an immediate, direct option that can yield excellent results. People tend to be near their phones all day, every day, and read messages that come through on them right away, or at least usually within fifteen minutes of receipt.

As such, you know your communications will be looked at ASAP and aren’t likely to remain unopened, as so many emails do. Plus, being a marketing method that gets directly to shoppers wherever they may be at the time, there are rarely any potential gatekeepers to get around.

These factors make SMS a handy tool, especially for time-sensitive promotions such as flash sales or pop-up events. With text messages, you don’t have to sit and worry about people never noticing your communications or opening them too late. Your campaigns can, in turn, be flexible and responsive.

Integrates with Other Marketing and Sales Channels

Another benefit of SMS interactions is that they can integrate well with other marketing and sales channels. While text messaging works nicely on its own as a standalone strategy, it can also enhance and support other mediums, like emails and social media.

For example, if you send an email to your database about a big sale or event, you can follow up with consumers via a mobile marketing platform to check they received the email and remind them to open it. This technique can dramatically increase the open rates of your email newsletters. Or, if you’ve recently uploaded an excellent video full of helpful, engaging content to a social media page, a text message can prompt people, via a link, to check it out.

Boosts Engagement

SMS marketing is good for boosting customer engagement. It helps you vary the type of content you’re delivering to people, so they retain interest, and it gives you another touchpoint to connect. In turn, your business is more likely to stay top of mind for shoppers.

You can use text messages to gather client feedback, too. It’s quick and easy for people to respond to a yes or no question about whether they were happy with a product or service or whether your team answered their inquiry satisfactorily. Alternatively, you might text people prompting them to leave a review for a particular offering or your venture in general. Make this quick and easy for them to do, and they’re more likely to complete the task.

Using text messages in such ways helps to ensure consumers feel heard and acknowledged, which increases engagement. Plus, you get to continue the relationship with them and build trust. This all leads to reaped rewards long-term.


The marketing strategies you use need to be trackable so you can see what kind of return on investment (ROI) you get for your time, energy, and financial outlays. Happily, text messaging is a tactic that gives you delivery and response rates via the particular platform you use. You can monitor, track, and improve campaigns as you go along.

Choose software that makes it simple to manage your marketing from your desktop and gives multiple team members the ability to see useful information as needed. Pick a platform that provides detailed analytics information so you can track each step in the conversion process along the way, including text delivery, message opening, links clicked, responses gleaned, etc.

Over time, use the data you analyze to create increasingly targeted SMS messages based on a better understanding of your mobile database and their needs. This improvement will give you more of an ROI and reduce your costs, too, as you can eventually segment out the numbers of people who are unlikely to respond.

Some other benefits that stem from SMS marketing are that it allows for personalization, anyone can use it, it works for multiple types of industries, and it aligns with the fact that, for many people, texts are their preferred communication method. You can start small with your SMS campaigns and test different strategies with them as you go to find the best avenues for your particular venture.

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