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5 Plastic Surgery Marketing Tips

5 Plastic Surgery Marketing Tips

Plastic surgery is growing in popularity, but there is a lot of competition among plastic surgeons for clients.

You can increase the number of patients in your practice if you remember some of the most effective plastic surgery marketing tips.

Look for Higher-Value Clients

The best prospects for plastic surgery are older people and have the money to invest in your services. Many marketing experts believe Facebook is one of the most effective ways to reach these potential clients.

Facebook allows you to target prospects by income, shopping behavior, likelihood to purchase beauty products, hobbies and activities, relationship status, and much more.

You also can leverage Google Ads to target prospects based on many factors, including annual income.

Seek Referrals from Previous Patients

One of the best ways to obtain new plastic surgery business is to rely on previous happy clients. As in any business, word-of-mouth marketing from satisfied clients will always bring you more business.

However, remember that you need to stay in touch with past clients and give them something to share with their friends and family.

You can stay connected with past clients by sending them a monthly newsletter about upcoming specials. Or, set up a practice Facebook page and post regular updates about advances in procedures.

Offer ‘Smart’ Consultations

Every plastic surgeon offers free consultations for patients to learn if a procedure is right for them. But you can stand out from other surgeons by using software to show prospects how they’ll look after surgery.

You can use programs such as Photoshop and others to show the potential client how they will look after liposuction or a facelift.

When patients can see their results, it will make them more confident about booking the surgery. And it ensures that the prospect has reasonable expectations.

Build A Strong Online Reputation

Your reputation as a surgeon online is a critical factor in landing more clients. So, build it effectively and guard it as much as possible.

With so much of our lives conducted online today, patient reviews can make or break a healthcare practice.

One of the first things potential patients will do when considering you for a procedure is to check online reviews. If you don’t have a few positive online reviews for a procedure, this can dissuade the prospect from further investigating.

You need to remember that patients are more likely to leave negative reviews, so you need to work hard to get positive ones.

After every successful procedure, you should ask the patient to post a positive review on Facebook, Google Reviews, Yelp, etc. You may encounter some resistance because not every patient wants to tell the world they had eyelid surgery or a forehead lift.

But don’t worry, every plastic surgeon has the same problem. You can get positive reviews by making the request a regular part of your management practices.

After every cosmetic procedure, your staff should email or text the patient a message that makes it easy to post an online review. You can get more patients to respond if you explain in advance how helpful the reviews are.

Occasionally, you will get a negative review. You can mitigate this by monitoring your reviews every day and responding as soon as you can. In addition, if you address the patient’s concerns in a logical and empathetic way, this will minimize the damage.

Once you address a negative review, work even harder at getting more positive reviews.

Build A Great Website

Your website may be the first way that prospects and patients interact with your practice. But, unfortunately, it also may be the last way they connect with you when they decide whether to book a consultation.

They’ll get their first impressions about your practice and skills based on the reaction they have to your site—good or bad. So, investing time and money into building a quality website is vital.

First, make sure that your website has a clear message to patients and prospects. Your site’s images and texts should explain to the visitor why they should choose your practice.

If your practice focuses on facelifts, write excellent copy about how you perform the procedure and offer many high-quality before and after photos from satisfied clients.

It’s also vital that the website is designed for smartphones, as most people do online searches on their personal devices.

And never underestimate the importance of fast load times. Google announced in 2020 that ‘core web vitals’ are a new ranking factor. This means that your site’s ranking will be damaged if it doesn’t load fast.

Fortunately, you can check your site’s load times with the Pagespeed Insights tool from Google.


Plastic surgeons face a lot of competition, but you can stand out from the pack by using the proven marketing methods outlined above.

More About the Practice

Dr. Smita R. Ramanadham is a double board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in various aesthetic procedures for her patients in the New Jersey, New York City, and Tri-state areas.

Dr. Smita strives to address every patient’s needs before creating a personalized procedure plan. She understands the combination of art, beauty, and science required for the best results in plastic surgery.

For more information, please visit Smita R. Ramanadham Plastic Surgery in New Jersey.

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by Dr. Smita Ramanadham // Dr. Smita R. Ramanadham is New Jersey-based double board-certified in both plastic surgery and general surgery. She completed her plastic surgery training at the highly esteemed University of Texas Southwestern, in Dallas, TX.

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