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4 Ways User Experience Matters for Startups

4 Ways User Experience Matters for Startups

Many entrepreneurs have been trying various strategies and tools to improve the growth of their brand and increase customers. But the problem is, many entrepreneurs fail to implement practical solutions to achieve their objectives. On the flip side, successful business people have been aware that having the correct answer to resolve the customer’s concerns is the critical factor for the success of their businesses.

Today’s most successful organizations within the technology industry use design to direct customers into discovering their firm and quickly provide solutions to their problems. For instance, they work with membrane switch manufacturers to ensure a smooth typing experience whenever customers use their products.

If you’re an entrepreneur, keep in mind that investing in improving your customer’s overall experience can be a key to remaining competitive and achieving long-term business growth. Below are the main reasons why having a good customer experience matters to your business strategy.

Excellent UX Can Increase ROI and Revenue

When you’re designing with user experience (UX), you’ll notice a significant return on investment (ROI) in your company as good UX can minimize the overall business costs and maximize your profits. As a matter of fact, an article reveals that UX design can minimize wastefulness by decreasing web development time spent by over 50%. Moreover, giving your clients an excellent experience will assuredly pay you back with their patronage and trust.

Furthermore, good UX also has a significant impact on your clients. Soussan Djamasbi et al. (2014) reveals that you’ll eventually see optimal results when you optimize your company’s web design for mobile users. Furthermore, optimizing your company’s mobile UX results in a 50% decrease in bounce rate, a 30% increase in sales, and a 70% increase in the number of products sold.

Furthermore, you can utilize UX by applying it to your business strategy. Eventually, your ROI will come in the form of your company’s savings, productivity increase, renewed brand recognition, and so much more. Just keep in mind that UX is not simply about creating compelling designs. As you invest in UX, you’ll also build your brand’s credibility with your clients.

Excellent UX Can Build Reputable Brands

UX is about knowing the users and designing effective products that promote positive experiences. High-level branding is a promise that allows your customers to know what to expect from your company. For that reason, understanding the importance of your product from your client’s perspective is a critical factor for maintaining your customer’s interest and growing your audience.

For that reason, if you’re planning to maintain your business in the long term, you should consider enhancing your company’s user experience services. To ensure long-term business growth and improve your brand’s reputation, adapting your business model to meet your customer’s demands by investing in improving your company’s UX is the key.

Moreover, successful companies build and maintain their competition to other companies because of brand-building. If your products are reliable and you’re willing to receive feedback from your customers, you’ll assuredly get their support. Plus, if your customers notice your brand’s attempt to improve your services and prioritize their experience by investing in enhancing UX, they’ll see that your company is reliable.

Furthermore, making your customer’s satisfaction a top priority is a good business principle you need to keep in mind. Any startup that starts on that fundamental principle has a higher chance of going farther than other small companies.

Excellent UX Can Win the Competition

Nowadays, the market competition is so intense that it’s hard for almost all startups to keep a competitive advantage. Whether you’re a digital agency owner or you own a traditional business utilizing digital marketing, there’s always tension that comes from evolving, adapting, and outpacing your competitors. Having a great user experience can serve as your competitive advantage.

An excellent user experience is something your competitors can’t take away from you in today’s market. It’s the experience that your customers get when they interact with your business. By having a great UX, they can quickly find information on your company’s website and perform an easy, smooth transaction. Excellent UX is the foundation of a good customer experience.

It would be advisable for companies to invest in further studies to obtain insights into the customers’ interests. Plus, one of the quickest methods to get feedback from your customers is to perform online surveys that don’t primarily need humans to accomplish them. Using this method will help your design team solve issues with existing models, which is also how your company can win the competition within your industry.

When your company focuses more on enhancing customer experience, it can improve customers’ willingness to purchase your products. It can also minimize the chances of them going to various brands. Keep in mind that when consumers experience a great time with your brand, they’re more likely to recommend your business to other people.

Excellent UX Can Increase Customer Loyalty

Building customer loyalty means that your business needs to be consistent in providing customers with an excellent experience when interacting with your brand. In particular, millennials are more likely to buy from your brand according to the superb experience with your business. Furthermore, UX matters for your start-up company because 58% of American customers leave because of poor customer service. For that reason, investing in improving your startup’s UX is a key to making your product valuable to the customers.

In addition, with excellent UX, you can build your brand, grow your sales, and create customer loyalty.


In today’s business field, excellent customer experience is vital when it comes to producing products. Regardless of whether you’re a small company owner or you own a well-established brand, you can grow your brand and create genuine relationships with your clients by providing eye-catching and easy-to-use designs.

Moreover, you should also keep in mind that creating a good customer experience involves function, clarity, and usability. And if you’re considering investing in your company’s overall customer experience, you can use the points above as a guide to help you determine what’s best for your business.

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