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A Time Management Tip from Marcus Lemonis

A Time Management Tip from Marcus Lemonis

In a filmed interview with Inc Magazine, Marcus Lemonis shares one of his strategies for organizing his day. Each night before going to bed Marcus says “I make a quick list of the things I know I have to deal with the next day. And I try to get those knocked out before noon.”

Marcus goes on to explain that this is helpful because after noon he doesn’t know what’s going to happen, what issues may come up, etc. And he needs to be available to handle anything that arises. He also hints at the fact that he struggles with work-life balance, knowing when the work day ends and when personal or family time should begin. This is something that most of us business owners can certainly relate to.

Don’t know who Marcus Lemonis is? You should. Among many other successes, he’s the host/ star of CNBC’s The Profit

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