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Face to Face: An Interview with Dr. Cheryl Bauman

Face to Face: An Interview with Dr. Cheryl Bauman

In an interview with Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart, Dr. Cheryl Bauman discusses why face-to-face communication is still important in business, even in this digital age. While Dr. Bauman recognizes that digital forms of communication are here to stay, she makes the case that it is worth the extra time and inconvenience to meet face to face with employees, clients, and other people with whom you work, at least occasionally.

Dr. Bauman also indicates that, as a society, we are not as good at face-to-face communication as we used to be, which is why she has developed four simple, but powerful phrases that will boost your effectiveness in face-to-face interactions.

Dr. Bauman is the author of the book Just Say It!: 4 Phrases That Will Change Your Life FOREVER! She received her Doctor of Education from the University of Southern Queensland and now teaches at several Canadian universities in the Faculty of Education Departments.

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