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Protecting Your Business Against the Rising Threat of CrpytXXX

Protecting Your Business Against the Rising Threat of CrpytXXX

The next big threat to network security is here. A malicious program called CryptXXX has network administrators in all industries on alert because of how destructive it is. While this new kid on the block has only been around since April of 2016, it has already become one of the most dangerous IT security issues to date.

It is believed that the hackers behind CryptXXX are the ones who also created the infamous Reveton virus that plagued the Internet at the beginning of the decade. CryptXXX is spread through phishing emails that rely on social-engineering tactics to entice victims to click on links and open attachments. These victims unknowingly download ransomware that encrypts their systems, steals private data and locks their screens. Victims are then instructed to pay a ransom fee in exchange for a code that will unlock their files.

This program indiscriminately attacks victims on individual PCs as well as network devices. Even large corporations, popular website hosting platforms, hospitals, and government agencies are not immune to it.

One of the scarier aspects of this particular program is the fact that it is able to evolve so quickly. The hackers behind it have released more advanced versions to counter all attempts from prominent anti-malware firms to protect against it. Every network administrator and IT security officer should make developing a defense strategy against CryptXXX a priority.

Staying Protected Against CryptXXX and Other Threats

There is no way that businesses can simply ride out the storm and hope that the recent wave of ransomware attacks simply phases out. All indicators point to the fact that ransomware attacks will become more common in the upcoming years. In addition, the programs developed by hackers are becoming more sophisticated.

What can a small business do to avoid having data compromised by CryptXXX and other ransomware threats? Prevention really is the best medicine when it comes to staying out of the way of CryptXXX. However, a business must also have a plan in place for a scenario where a part of a network becomes compromised. Here are the aspects that should be included in a comprehensive plan for shielding a business’s network assets from CryptXXX’s sophisticated and far-reaching digital assaults:

  • Education and training that empowers employees to avoid dangerous emails.
  • Implementation of a program that monitors security indicators of compromise that can reveal signs of an attack very early on. This program should include upgraded DNS firewall protection.
  • Implementation of tools that monitor, isolate and block ransomware attacks.
  • A strategy for backing up and recovering parts of a network that may become compromised.

Moving Forward With a Plan

The bottom line is that network administrators can’t take the approach of standing still when trying to combat an ever-changing threat like CryptXXX. It is essential to use a defense tool that can move and evolve to keep up with the capabilities of CryptXXX. Security software must be intuitive and intelligent. In addition, a defense strategy should be focused around the idea of relying on indicators that can alert network administrators to inconsistencies and pattern changes before a ransomware program is permitted to embed itself deep within a network.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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