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Lead Generation Ecosystem: An Infographic

Lead Generation Ecosystem: An Infographic

Small companies engaged in lead generation marketing are often locking horns with big companies with deep pockets and deep knowledge. While the infographic below, the Lead Generation Ecosystem, isn’t a magic bullet, it will help any small firm level the online playing field.

Originally created as an internal training tool by Straight North, a PPC service company, the infographic proved so effective that the agency decided to share it publicly. It is a high-level picture of lead generation marketing from top to bottom — from traffic sources to campaign options to website conversion to data collection to analytics to optimization to new customer creation.

At the top of the infographic, small firms should check to make sure they have tested — or are considering testing — all types of Internet marketing campaigns. It’s usually a mistake to get locked into one approach, such as SEO, while never exploring tried and true alternatives such as PPC or email marketing. A company can never know for sure what its best source of leads is until it tries.

Connecting all the dots below the COMPANY WEBSITE hexagon is another key checkpoint. For instance, because tracking phone leads is technically complicated, a lot of firms just don’t do it. Mistake! Without knowing the marketing source of phone leads, a firm can never accurately judge which campaigns and keywords are working … and which are wasting time and money.

How does your marketing campaign stack up? Take a look at the infographic and find out.


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by Brad Shorr // Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, a B2B SEO, PPC and website design company. His articles have been featured on scores of leading business websites including Moz, Smashing Magazine and Forbes.

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