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The World’s Biggest Franchises: An Infographic

The World’s Biggest Franchises: An Infographic

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A franchise business model allows companies to create a recognized brand name and quickly scale their business. Unfortunately, it can be hard for companies to stay successful in the long-term and create a global brand name, which is why it is important to take risks. Franchise UK has created this infographic to show you what goes into creating a globally-known franchise. From factors such as number of employees to the number of units and countries that they operate in, you will learn all you need to know about the secrets behind the world’s top franchises.

It is probably no surprise that one of the world’s biggest franchises is the fast food chain McDonald’s. However, did you know that McDonald’s operates in 119 countries and has 375,000 employees? Also, did you know that KFC isn’t far behind McDonald’s, with 118 countries but 455,000 employees! Take a look at this infographic for all you need to know about the world’s biggest franchises. Some of the facts may surprise you!

the largest franchises infographic

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