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Expand Your Business Using These Low Budget Marketing Techniques

Expand Your Business Using These Low Budget Marketing Techniques

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Without a good marketing plan, most businesses do not survive long. The problem with most marketing plans is the cost. No matter how you slice it, there is no way to accurately predict what the response of any marketing campaign will be. As such, it leaves many businesses, small and large alike, trying to determine whether these marketing campaigns are worth the cost.

So, how can you, as a small business owner or a business with a limited marketing budget, get the most bang for your buck and generate a positive traction with a marketing campaign?

Facebook Groups

Social media is one of the biggest resources a business has on its side. Through networks such as Facebook groups, you can reach a lot of people without having to spend too much. Since chances are that there are already groups focused on your niche on the platform, you can go a step further by joining these groups and providing the members with valuable, interesting information.

When you join these groups, it’s important to be wise about how you go about posting. Although your goal is to drive traffic to your store, it’s important that you first develop a relationship and a reputation with the group. This means avoiding promotional links initially and providing content that is engaging and sharable. From your content, people can ask questions which you will promptly address so that the conversation can keep going. After you have established yourself as a trusted brand on the groups, you can now take advantage of said popularity and trust to provide promotional links which will spike conversions.

Use Quality Images

Human beings are visual creatures. Most people tend to remember images a lot clearer than they do just plain text. According to Brain rules, by adding images to your content, you boost how much people remember about the post after three days from a paltry 10% to 65%. This is quite a significant boost! Therefore, if you want someone who just skimmed through your content to remember to go back to your page and get something, you have got to ensure that you use quality images throughout.

If you are working on a blog post that highlights why people should use some of your products, ensure that you use a featured image to grab the reader’s attention and keep it for the longest possible time. The same should also be done with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter so that you can break through the noise and clutter of your target audience feeds. This way, you stay on budget while still getting the impact you want.

Leveraging Quora

Whenever anyone needs a certain question answered, most of the time they will end up on Quora. Because of this, you can expect that your customers are also on the platform looking for various answers to a multitude of questions. An adept entrepreneur can leverage this platform and perform the necessary marketing research to see what the customers need and find a great way to provide them with the answers they need. By doing so, you not only provide value to your brand, but also drive up sales and traffic to your business. The secret here is to be as authentic and engaging as possible. This way you can link your business resources to these answers naturally and not only gain legitimacy for your business on the platform, but also drive traffic to your business which can then be converted into sales.

DIY Infographics

As previously highlighted, people tend to react a lot better to images than plain text. This is why infographics have been a major marketing tool for a long time. Since most people sometimes aren’t looking to read a full article or blog post word for word, an infographic can do a lot of good in such an environment. In instances where you want to share some data, quoting these numbers in plain text not only confuses people sometimes, but also bores them. To retain their attention, you need an infographic to take its place.

Getting an astute designer to be doing this might be a bit harsh on your wallet. That’s why being able to Do It Yourself can be such a lifesaver on your budget. You will be able to deliver the data or information in a smart, creative way, and attract a lot of backlinks and publicity. Consequently, you get better keyword rankings and experience a boost in organic traffic, which also legitimizes you further with search engines.

Hold a Seminar

Small businesses can get the word out about their businesses by using seminars to their advantage. When you properly advertise your seminar, you can be guaranteed that a lot of people are going to come. The objective here is to ensure that a lot of people come to the seminar and share what they see and experience at said seminar to their followers and friends on social media.

Since traditional advertising avenues can be very expensive and untenable for a small business, you can always use social media platforms to spread the word. Promoting content on social media is highly effective. You can reach thousands of people in this fashion and ask them to come to the seminar. Here, you get to attract people using the topic for discussion and the people who will speak at the conference. By providing well-chosen conference speakers, you ensure that people will come and listen, and you can take advantage by offering solutions they need with your business. By doing so, you will also help the content of the seminar to be more sharable by the people who come.

When advertising the upcoming conference, come up with a catchy hashtag that people can use to find you on social media. It will also help you keep track of the mentions and interactions on different platforms. If you have a significant following on these social media platforms, you can also decide to stream the seminar live for those who couldn’t make it to see what’s going on.

By utilizing the above stated strategies, you can not only get your brand more recognized, but you are also able to bring about more engagement and traffic to your business. Although these strategies might cause you to incur some expenses, they won’t be much and will be all worth it in the long run. When you follow these strategies and stay consistent with it, the results will be quite apparent sooner or later!

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