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Why Event Apps Need to Include a Chat Feature

Why Event Apps Need to Include a Chat Feature

These days, meetings don’t have to be like blind dates – people can gather information on each other before they meet for the first time, using social media and instant messaging. We’re not talking about online dating: business meetings can work in the same way using event apps.

Organizing an important business meeting between two or more companies can be made much friendlier, and the arrangements can go smoother than ever, using an event app like MeetApp (

In this article we’ll explain how your event attendees can be digitally introduced prior to face-to-face introductions and how this can improve your event.

Digital Introductions

As we said above, perhaps a chat feature’s best asset is that you can “meet” attendees virtually before the event, breaking the ice and ensuring everyone knows each other as soon as they arrive. This saves time and sets a far friendlier tone for the start of the meeting, getting you all off on a good foot.

On arrival, there’s no need to ask each person for their name and worry about remembering it – you’ll already know who’s who and can impress them by greeting them by name!

Besides benefitting you, this allows your group to network between themselves. They will thank you for facilitating this and will be excited to attend the meeting to meet the group in person.

Benefit from Convenient Meeting Planning

Rather than discussing meeting topics with tiresome back-and-forth emails, do it via instant messaging using your event app. You can avoid having to download multiple different programs and channels and keep track of all your conversations and organizational tools across separate platforms, instead, you can have it all in one place.

The in-app social media wall and activity feed allows you not only to chat, but share documents, pictures, news items, and graphics all within a secure private chat room. Conduct business and share progress with your projects before your in-person meetings to ensure everyone is up to date with the latest advancements.

The chat and activity feeds are convenient both for you and your attendees, ensuring that nobody forgets anything or misses a beat. Using event apps, you can toggle between your event schedule planning page and your conversation with colleagues and business partners in just a click.

They also feature a notes function, which keeps all your planning notes on the meeting safely together in the same app. Planning a meeting has never been simpler!

How Using an Event App Can Increase Attendance to Your Event

Want to make sure that everybody invited to your event or meeting actually turns up? A great way to do this is employing an event app that every person involved in the event uses.

Here’s a rundown of all the ways that using an event app encourages event attendance and ensures your important meetings are a resounding success:

  • People will feel much more comfortable attending your meeting when they know who else is coming – this is where the RSVP and chat functions come in very useful. Going to an event or meeting “blind”, without knowing anybody, is always daunting; but with an event app, invitees will know who is set to go and look forward to seeing them there.
  • Having an open dialogue with attendees using the chat room will make the event feel like a welcoming, friendly and inclusive environment even before it has begun.
  • Clicking “RSVP”gives people a greater incentive to go on the day – they know you are expecting them.
  • Use the notification function to update your group on the great things they can expect from the event and news about it. Being kept informed about what’s happening will build anticipation for the great event and ensure your invitees look forward to it.
  • Customize your app with sponsors and your own brand’s logos and colors to make things official and ensure your invitees take you seriously – the app can be converted into a branded app specifically related to your business.

For your next event, seriously consider using an app to help you with planning and organizing the occasion on the day. You’ll never go back!

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