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4 Stepping Stones to Dazzling Startup Success

4 Stepping Stones to Dazzling Startup Success

Startups do not have it easy these days. It is estimated that 90% of all new startups fail and only the selected few ever reach the dizzying heights foretold. Even those that survive the crucial initial period are often strapped for cash and struggle to reach clients. Well, many entrepreneurs have been there and done that. They have plenty of actionable tips for you and one of them is that success never comes without a fair share of stumbling blocks. So, if you mean to get operations off the ground, buckle up and take these key steps.

Sort Out Financing

Startups live and die by their ability to raise funds. The first step is to develop a rock-solid business model—your roadmap for success. It must be based on market facts and figures acquired in the research stage. Its financial section is essential to prove to investors your company has the right market-product fit and bright financial future. Know exactly how much you need to fuel your operations and make realistic financial projections.  Identify the most suitable source of financing. Weigh the pros and cons of traditional methods like business loans and alternative trends in the league of crowdfunding.

Digital Socializing

Delighting your customers is a top priority. One of the booming channels for cultivating engagement and loyalty is certainly social media. So, come up with a killer strategy, which takes into account that these networks are a two-way street. Learn to listen to people before you start self-promoting and bragging about how great you are. Take part in conversations, utilize instant messaging, and soak in consumer feedback. Hold social media contests with nice gifts, such as promotional products, coupons, or USBs. Launch quality content marketing campaigns that champion compelling videos.

Craft a Great Web Presence

Businesses across all industry sectors are investing hefty resources in building a strong internet presence. Nowadays, websites, business blogs, and social media profiles act as first points of contact between brands and consumers. The latter use search engines to find businesses and their offerings, which is to say you need to optimize your website. Get into the best SEO practices and boost your ranking. While you’re at it, make your pages mobile-friendly: mobile traffic has dethroned desktop. In addition, Google rewards responsive websites, and penalizes those that fall short of new algorithm standards.

Managing Growing Pains and Gains

Once you tap into a steady stream of revenue, you cannot start resting on the laurels. Successful customer acquisition does not guarantee long-term results by any means. In fact, it is time to facilitate a steady business growth and scale your business. Line up your growth initiatives and track key KPIs to see if you are on the right track. Identify platforms and features that can help your product/service gain more traction. Bolster your marketing strategy to expand into new markets and launch loyalty programs to keep your well-paying customers.

Ahead of the Curve

Building a startup from the ground up is a daunting task. There are so many moving parts that make or break success, and a ton of competition ready to bite like sharks. Well, there is no room for panic: take your time to test the waters. Kick off your business idea backed by numbers and market insights. Establish your website and social media profiles. Show the human face of your brand and capture people’s attention with amazing content. Add value to their lives and they will know how to thank you. Move past bare survival as soon as possible and thrive in the highly-competitive market.

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by Carolin Petterson // Carolin Petterson is a businesswoman and content marketer with years of experience under her belt. She has had the opportunity to contribute to a number of popular business and marketing websites.

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