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Three Content Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Today

Three Content Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Today

Every successful company has a will to their way when it comes to attracting new custom and gaining prospects. High mass appeal comes from a collection of top-priority tactics that mostly involve content marketing.

For the most part, how a business presents itself to the public with visuals and tone of voice determines its success. Through strong content marketing goals, strategies, and using their customers’ language, a business can win over new audiences.

Here is a list of a few of the most useful (and easy) strategies you can start implementing in your business today!

Obtain Customers with SEO

 An online presence optimized for search engines is prime for building digital publicity. What a strong SEO agency can do is give you is the foundation of a content-driven marketing strategy aimed at expanding your online customer base.

The purpose of SEO is to present your business in terms of search demand. The more searches you get, and “hits” you get on your site, the more that search engines like Google think that your site has authority. Your website then gets listed higher in the rankings, leading to even more people finding your site and spending their money with you. But how do you get these searches in the first place?

There are ways to subtly manipulate these rankings. One way is to “keyword optimize”, where you hone in on the exact words your customers use to search for your services. You can then embed them naturally into your website content. Google will show searchers your website, believing that it fulfills what they’re looking for. The best way to do this is to do some basic keyword research (or get an SEO agency to do it for you) and make those words or phrases front and center in your content.

Understand Your Customer Base

Customer analysis will help you pinpoint your target audience, determine who likes your products or services, and help you to understand how to market to them. Once you know your customer base, you can change your content strategies to speak directly to them. Google Analytics can help you there, as can strategies such as breaking down data from your viewership or past customers.

Part of your strategy should be to assess all the data available to you about who your customers are and to tailor your content to those people. Another thing that a lot of proud business owners fail to do is address customer feedback and act on it, in order to build on what your viewers want. Doing this will earn you the connection and trust that you need to make a successful business.  

Branch into Social Media

The world of social media can seem vast and daunting to those who have little experience with it. This is where some older, established businesses fall short, as they resist getting involved with the digital age.

Find out which platforms your customers use the most and focus your energy on building a presence there. For instance, Pinterest is a huge marketplace that remains untapped by many companies that write it off as a place for “mommy bloggers” and teenage makeup artists. In actual fact, more men are flocking to this platform, and companies that dismiss it are potentially missing out on revenue.

Besides the usual Facebook and Instagram, make sure you are looking into whether your target audience uses Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or Pinterest as well. This is another avenue that a marketing or SEO agency can help you with if this is uncharted territory for you.

In a World of Business Endeavors…

Remind yourself and your marketing team that evolving is key to thriving. Sticking to your usual strategies will eventually mean they become outdated and your company may not survive in the dog-eat-dog world of commercial advertising. This is why content marketing can change the game and can easily open the door to new forms of exposure.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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